Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ahhh my EYES!

I have been confined to wearing my glasses for 7 days. SEVEN DAYS is a long time. I like wearing my contacts. I don't mind wearing my glasses here and there, but for SEVEN DAYS IN A ROW? No thank you. I feel like they are always dirty, foggy, and I can't see very well. I started having problems with my eyes about three weeks ago and just kept putting it off b/c I was busy worrying about my daughter instead of myself. Dj kept telling me to go to the doctor and I kept ignoring him. Finally, toward the end of last week, my eyes were burning so bad and I could barely keep them open when I was driving the kids to school. Dangerous. I called the eye doctor and saw her that afternoon. Diagnosis: maybe an infection but not sure. She prescribed me some strong eye drops and told me no contacts for 7 days. Great.

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Megan said...

Ugh! I hope that your eyes are back to normal soon!