Sunday, May 29, 2011


I hate cold sores. I really despise them. In fact, of all of the things in the world that might deserve being hated, nothing comes close to my abhorrence for these ridiculous sores. I woke up to notice one popping up this morning underneath my bottom lip and since then, it's ballooned into this ginormous mass of blisters. Ugh. They are so ugly. It itches. It feels swollen and huge. I dread that it will last almost a week no matter how much medicine I put on it. I have been lucky to avoid them for months, and now I get one this week and it's the size of Texas. I guess it's stress and a lack of sleep, but that's been all too familiar, especially this year, so not sure what this one is about. I wish it would take its ugly self and go away. It's so embarrassing when these little effers emerge. I wish I could just cut it off...or at least cover it up with makeup, but that makes it worse. Blah. Yes, I am having a pity party for myself and my swollen, nasty lip and feel the need to post about it tonight. Grrr.

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