Saturday, June 25, 2011

Goal Accomplished

I did it. I ran 3.3 miles today. I have been hovering around 2.50-2.75-3.0 for the past two weeks but just running out of energy by the time I would almost get there. Today, I just ran and I didn't think about it. And I made it! It felt great! I hope by the end of the summer to make it up to 5...if I can do it. We will see. In the meantime, this past month, I have ran 29.62 miles total. :) I love my Nike Plus and how it keeps track of how far I've gone. I am not a huge fan of running, but it's growing on me. I'd rather run and play sports at the same time. However, it's keeping me in shape and that's all that matters. Maybe next year if I am still keeping up, I'll try a 10k or a half marathon...we will see! Not promising anything at this point. The good thing is that summer is here (only one more day of school left) and then I can spend lots of time trying to get to 5 miles. As of now, I'm working out 5 out of the 7 days of the week and sometimes I even get in 6 days. Dj has been working out too, so we take turns. It's been a good habit to work into our daily routines. Maybe next fall, I can run in the mornings before I get ready for school...but that whole not a morning person thing doesn't really work so well for me.

For now, I will relish my fabulous 3.3.

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Tyler-Ashlee's Mommy said...

Way to go. You've hit the 5K mark!