Thursday, June 2, 2011

One of the saddest stories I have read

Read the first post called, "A Letter to Owen" from this blog. Then, don't read backwards, but flip back to her older blogs and start from the beginning of Owen's story, which is around May 20th-ish of this year.

Bawled by eyes out. Literally. This story is so freaking sad that I can't even write anything more. You just need to read her blog. As much as you can. And then, go hug your babies.

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Katie P. said...

omg- saw this link on debbie's blog, followed it, & bawled my eyes out for like an hour. now am obsessively checking on finn throughout the night. Owen was 6 months old!!! I knew sids was a risk for a year, but you don't think of it until an instance like this. How heartbreaking!!