Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fun had by all

On Brynn's real birthday, I snapped a couple of pics outside before they went into school. Someone is kind of in love with his cape. and his shoes. When I picked him up that afternoon, his shirt sleeve was ripped, and he had spilled Otter Pop juice (red) all over one shoe. *sigh* This kid. haha

Brynn wore a cute little feathery hair clip and I paired it with a cute little crown comb that I had given to all of the little girls who came to her party. It looked really cute together and the daycare director asked me if I could make something similar for the girls to wear on their birthdays at school. I told her I would try. I did have some luck finding some ostrich feathers on a strand at JoAnn's, but it was over $20 a yard. I didn't need a yard, but I certainly wasn't going to pay for it there. I'll search Ebay next.

BTW: on the 15th, these two had their check-ups at the doctor. Baylen is over 42 inches tall and weighs 38 pounds. He is in the 90% for height and weight. The doctor's comment: "He does NOT look like a 3-year-old." Um yeah. His other comment, "Where is he getting his height from?" hahahahahaaaa

Brynn weighed in at 36 pounds and about 41 inches tall. I was shocked she was at 36 lbs. because at home, she weighs in around 32-33 pounds. Not sure which scale is off, but she was wearing a heavier dress that day, so who knows?

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