Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pinterest is addicting

We all love Pinterest, that's certain. I have found several "hits" on this lovely website, as well as a couple of disappointments. A recent hit includes this lovely dish below: Chicken Lo Mein. This recipe can be found on the Disney Family Fun Magazine/website. If you are a mom and love to do crafty things, this magazine is pretty awesome, and I highly recommend subscribing to it. I read it now on my iPad digitally--bonus! I have also pinned it on my recipe board if you're interested. The prep time takes quite awhile, but once it's all put together, it's a lovely dish, especially if you are a Chinese food fan, like me (and the rest of my family).

I love that I can save cool ideas all in one spot vs. bookmarking a shitload of them on Safari in my folders. Sometimes it takes me forever to look through the bookmarks to find what I am looking for and it's super irritating. One miss so far was a baked potato recipe that we tried....took all day to cook in the crock pot and it ended up being a flop. I deleted that one off of my pinboard to say the least.

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