Friday, April 27, 2012


How did six years pass by so quickly? I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to France and Spain after a six-year hiatus. How did I forget how much I love Europe? Paris? And, even better, during this trip, I was introduced to my new favorite European city....Barcelona! Many might think that traveling with students is something they would never do, but I disagree completely. They are easy to work with, responsible, and eager to learn. They have endless energy and are willing to travel/tour/go anywhere. They never get grumpy and they can keep going unto the wee hours of the day. Indeed, they are the perfect travel companions. What I love about our tour company is that we get a tour guide who accompanies the entire time. He takes us all over the place and suggests new places to try out. Highlights of my trip included: going to Montmarte, visiting Barcelona and enjoying all of the art this city has to offer, experiencing the night life in Barcelona, riding on public transportation, passing as a 17-year-old to see Napoleon's tomb, and revisiting all of my favorite landmarks in Paris. could I forget everything I love about this city? It was definitely a tranquil trip in so many ways.