Thursday, April 29, 2010


Last night while I was tucking Miss Bee into her bed to go to sleep.

Me: "Good night, missy. See you in the morning."

Bee: "Good night mom. Mom, when it gets dark, I'm going to look out the window and wish on the evening star."

Me: "Huh?"

Bee: "When it gets dark out, I'm going to look out the window and wish on the evening starrrr."

Me: "Oh...(chuckling)well that's a good idea. Who taught you about the evening star?"

Bee: "Well, Tiana did in the Princess and the Frog movie."

Me: "Right...gotcha! Okay, what are you going to wish for?"

Bee: "Ummmm I don't know."

Monday, April 26, 2010

First Master's Class

Well, it's a good thing I checked in and signed on for my first class. I had an assignment due tomorrow and the class just started today. I guess I have a lot to learn. Online learning is not my strength, as I definitely excel moreso when I'm sitting in the class and listening to the teacher. This will be a bit of an adjustment, but I can do it. One thing I need to figure out is how to manage my time and really set my calendar so I know when assignments are due and what is expected for each day. I see that I have two assignments due by Sunday. I also discovered I am not a fan of reading every person's discussion board posting. Do I have to read everyone's? One of our first assignments was to respond to two other posts, which I did (to 3 people actually), and then post our own thought, which I did. However, I did not want to spend all of my time reading every single person's. Should I?

My life, as I know it, is now officially crazy. Well, not really, it just got so much more busy than it already is. I hope I made the right decision to get this thing done now. I probably should have done it before I had kids, but better late than never, I guess. Regardless, it's going to be a lot of new and interesting material, I think. My first class is on classroom management, MY FAVORITE! :) :) I hope I learn something new. :)

Depending on my schedules, I may have to give up coaching volleyball next year. To be honest, it's been on my mind for awhile now for various reasons, but, maybe it's really time to give it up. Leaving basketball was really hard and it still is, but leaving volleyball will be even harder, as I've coached the girls for 8 years. However, coaching is hard work because not only am I coaching most girls who have no clue how to play volleyball, but also teaching them some emotional and social behaviors as well. Next year, I have 7th grade girls...only perk? Ashley's sister is going to be coming to Cascade. :))))))))) Ashley plays for a D-1 school now, and her sister was an awesome player for me too. Hmmmm

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I wish we could have more of this weather...

Last weekend was beautiful!

The kids spent some time outside blowing bubbles. Brynn had a birthday party at a friend's on Sunday and when we arrived, the parents of her friend (who own a really cool bar nearby) said: "We'll keep the kids busy, moms, go have a drink on us and come back at 4." :) LOVED it. Best bday party ever! LOL

Thursday, April 22, 2010

She can sing German

Brynn's teacher is teaching them German words in class and taught them a German song. Her teacher's husband is German, and so she tries to share some of his German traditions, language and heritage in her class. Bee LOVEs it and the other day exclaimed, "Mom, I can speak German AND Spanish!" It was very cute. Anyway, here's a vid. If it doesn't work, access MY Mobile Me under my links to see it there.

***She did ask for a German Girl costume for Christmas this year. LOL

Super busy

Just lots going on this week. Not much new to report other than the yearbook is due this week and it's super crunch time! I've been joining some friends and co-workers after school on Fridays for Zumba workouts and have really enjoyed them so far. It doesn't' feel like working out and yet, I'm moving the whole time.

Oh, and we're getting a whole lot of THIS from Mister:


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gettin' crafty again...:)

Friday, April 16, 2010


The Question we heard SEVERAL times at Great Wolf Lodge: "Are they twins?" hahaahahaaaaaa

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Brotherly/Sisterly Love at it's Finest

It's so fun to watch these two interact. I must admit that there are times when they are so rambunctious and just always giggling, running, messing around that it does drive me nuts. However, they also have their moments when they totally get along, talk to one another and have these cute, little people conversations. When Bee sees Baylen at school, she'll go over and give him a hug and a kiss. It's super adorable. She loves him so much. Although, lately, she has been refusing to sit by him at breakfast b/c he messes around and gets in trouble for getting out of his seat. LOL She doesn't want to be associated w/ the "trouble makers," at least in public. (That's my little teacher's pet! Her momma's daughter for sure).

On another note, there is also a TON of fighting going on b/t the two. Physically, Baylen just takes things from her and runs. She bawls her eyes out until she gets it back. He will also bite her when he's really mad at her and that just makes Brynn lose it. She cries and cries--DRAMA to the MAXXX when he bites. He also will sit on top of her and she seriously cannot move. She freaks out when he sits on her--he's a heavy dude! haha When Brynn decides NOT to play the victim will push him to the ground (hard), try to poke out his eye, or pinch him. She usually plays the victim though, even when she's in the wrong.

Lately they have been arguing about the littlest things and it makes me giggle. Like yesterday, we were driving in the car and a song came on the radio. It was a girl song and Baylen said, "That's my jam, Brynna!" And Brynn looked at him yelling back, "NO BAYLEN, THAT'S A GIRL JAM AND IT'S MYYYY SONG!" They continued arguing back and fourth until I intervened explaining that girl songs could be Brynn's jams and boy songs could be Baylen's jams and they seemed content with that statement. Luckily, a boy jam came on next! Today, they were arguing in the car because Baylen told Brynn, "I read book, Brynn." And Brynn became all angry and said, "YOU CAN'T READ, BAYLEN!" And then Baylen yelled back, "Yes I read!" And then Brynn started getting whiney and stated, "Mom! Baylen said he can read but I can't even read!" So then I told her that Baylen reads in his own language but she was right, he can't really read and that she shouldn't worry b/c she'll learn to read before him. she was fine with that answer, thankfully and we didn't have any more arguments after that.

Ahh the love between siblings is so special. ♥


Finally, I have what seems like everything in order to begin my Master's program. I was supposed to start at the beg. of April, but had a snafu with my transcript. I ordered those transcripts 10 years ago and apparently, it was one that was printed before I graduated so it did not have my actual degree info on there. Who knew? It was sealed and I have sent those several places and no one has ever said anything. Oh well. It's fixed now and they have a new one. Do you know it costs $15 to send a sealed transcript from ISU? I think that is definitely overpriced! LOL Seriously though, I was a bit shocked w/ that amount. I will officially start at the end of April (4/26) so I'm going to have to really figure out time management. Hopefully I won't be too frazzled.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

She's mouthy...already!

Miss Brynnie Brynn has becoming sooo mouthy lately. She talks back, yells, freaks out, and puts her hands on her hips whenever she's ranting and raving. It's actually funny to see, although shocking at times to think this little 3 year old is so opinionated. Soon, I think, she will taste the Sassy Sauce (AKA Tabasco Sauce). We keep saying it's a consequence, but every time I go to the cupboard to get it, she freaks out and I cave b/c she apologizes immediately and is so afraid of getting it on her tongue. I did not think talking back would happen so early! She is learning how to state her feelings very openly, which is good, but now it's time to work on her freak outs.

New Dining Room!

We purchased some new dining room furniture toward the end of the week. We have had a cheapo table from IKEA for a long time, and finally, a new dining set. Of course, now that we have it, every bang, every spill, every mark I'm paying attention to. In some aspects, it's harder for me to adjust to something so new and so nice with little kids, considering we had a not-so-expensive one for such a long time. Regardless, we bought a rug to put underneath and our cats have already taken to scratching it. Go figure. We also ordered a little "hutch" to match, but that won't be in for awhile. We purchased a set of drawers and a desk that replaced all of my plastic bins and plastic drawers of crafting supplies. The desk folds down and opens up and I have a nice workspace. I am excited to have all of my stuff 'hidden' and also have a spot to work.

Next on our list of house upgrades? Painting the ceiling after our bathroom pipe issue, painting the living room walls a new color (along w/ the fireplace wall a different color--no more red), and from the sounds of it, replacing the dishwasher.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Brynnisms Part VIII

Brynn has a little rash on her elbow...

Dad: "Oh Brynn, look at her rash on her elbow, mom."
Me: "Oh no! That doesn't look good."
Dad: "Let's put some anti-itch cream on it."
Brynn: "It's okay. I think I need a new arm."

This morning her and Baylen were up at the crack of dawn and they were yelling at each other (really just talking SUPER loud). So I called her into my room and said:

ME: "Brynn, could you guys PLEASE stop yelling so loud? Talk in your inside voices, please."
Bee: "okay mom."
2 minutes later: they are yelling again so I called her back in.
Me: "Brynn, please, use your INSIDE voices, honey. YOu guys are way too loud."
Bee: "But mom, we're just KIDS!"
Me: "I know, honey, but you don't have to be so loud. YOu can still talk and have fun and not talk so loud."
Bee: "But mom, it's just NOT FAIR!"

Seriously....She's 3 going on 16.

2 Year Check-up

Mister Mister had his 2 year check-up today. He weighs 31 pounds and is 36 inches tall. That puts him in the 75% for weight and 75-99% for height. He did not like his Hep shot today, but the crying was short-lived after I bribed him with a little box of raisins. His left ear tube fell out this morning while we were eating breakfast. I don't know if his right one is still in or not, but at his 18 month check-up, our Ped. said that both looked like they were going to fall out soon. I didn't ask him if he saw the right one still in his ear or not. He did say his left eardrum (now ear tubeless) looked great. I hope that we do NOT have to visit the ear infection world again. That sucked. His ENT doctor/surgeon said that if he gets another one, we better consider tubes AGAIN. ugh. I am hoping for the best.

Mister Mister is still verrrrry stubborn. He's so stubborn that he and I butt heads OFTEN. It drives me nuts. He is not a good listener, he jumps and has to stand on EVERYTHING, no matter what it is.

He is goofy and loves to pass gas, then laugh (faht as he calls it..."mommy, I faht! hahaaha!") He purposely tries to burp any chance he gets at the table....I blame his father for this one!

He is sleeping better in his own big boy bed, but we still have nights when he wants to curl up with us. Dj has been better about waking up and taking him back or walking him back to his own bed. He loves cars, trucks, tractors, and his animal treehouse. He loves to be outside and ride bikes or in the beep beep. He would rather run and not hold my hand. He loves piggy back rides. He "reads" to himself often and I'm not sure what the story is about b/c he speaks it in his own language, which is quite hysterical. He loves to be read to and would prefer that we read at least 10 books to him every night before bed. He and Brynn will say prayers before bed and it's so cute how he'll kneel down and say, "Dear God, tanktu (thankyou) for my famahleee, my house, my health, my priends, and pathy (his teacher Kathy).

Mister Mister wears his heart on his sleeve and EVERYONE knows when he's upset. He throws tantrums OFTEN for just about anything these days. IT is tough to deal with these tantrums so often...exhausting at times, actually. Now, he kicks, goes boneless, drops to his knees (sometimes outside even when it's raining) screams, says "NO!" and refuses to do things. Fun times! haha

He loves to bother his sister any chance he gets. The typical little brother, he picks and picks and annoys the living daylights out of Brynn. He can be really sweet to her and they will sit and play nicely at times and also sit and have conversations with each other about al sorts of things, which is super cute. But most of the time, he's trying to get at her in some way to make her cry or become upset. He thrives on her dramatic tattling and loves to walk up to her, take something she was playing with, stand there, look at her and just hold it. When she asks for it back, or freaks out on him, he puts a death grip on the item and takes off running full speed.

Baylen has bruises all over his body. He is clumsy. His big clown feet are always in the way. He bumps into furniture, falls on toys, falls off of his motorcycle or bike, and trips over air. (seriously)

He is a little jokester and loves public attention. He thrives on being active and on the go. He loves to wrestle and being rambunctious. He is a lover and gives the best hugs and kisses.

Everything is: "I DO IT!" or "What's that?" He is so curious and aware of the world around him. He loves to sing ABC's and the "Itsy Bitsy Spider." He loves to help his dad and his favorite chore is vacuuming.

And he is my one and only Mister Mister. ♥

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

GWL part II

Was really fun but exhausting!

We didn't get a ton of pictures b/c it's hard to walk around a place that's WET and there's WATER everywhere with a digital camera. It's also hard to take pics when you have two little ones always on the go in the water! Maybe next time, we'll get a disposable water camera or go with another family just to have an extra adult to swap kids with. Regardless, a fun time was had by all. Baylen was fearless in the water and is a little fish. Brynn loved every minute of it and just couldn't believe we surprised her with a fun vacation that was so close to home. :) She could not believe we were staying in a hotel, either, and sleeping in someone else's bed. haha

The worst part? Getting them to leave...they did NOT want to go home.

Who's afraid of the big bad....uh...Easter Bunny?!

My kids are! LOL

Well, actually, I should back up the post, b/c Brynn is TOTALLY afraid of the Bunny but Baylen, with the help of Cade, came around and likes the Bunny now. Let me explain. We went to eat brunch on Easter Sunday after church, meeting up with some really good friends of ours and their families. We did not see the Easter Bunny while we were eating, but after we finished, there was an egg hunt outside. They have a little hunt right on their patio of the Country Club and the kids have to find the eggs in the hay. The man on the microphone counted down, and the kids got started. All was well, until about 3 minutes into the hunt, I heard someone scream NOOOOOO! No Easter Bunny! and saw Brynn crying her eyes out and running at FULL SPEED towards, and demanding we go inside. She was done w/the hunt and didn't want to be anywhere near the bunny. I was laughing, even though I totally felt bad for her, it was still funny. :) I picked her up and consoled her. Then, she turned around and the bunny was right in her face!! haha, He saw her and offered her an egg from his basket. She screamed and yelled at the top of her lungs, "NOOOO!" and ran and hid her face in my legs. LOL It was so funny. I wish I would have had it on camera. hahahaha

So then, the hunt was pretty much done and I went over and picked up Baylen. I tried to get him to come w/ me to see the Bunny and get our picture together. I gave my camera to Tami and asked her to snap a pic. Instead, Baylen freaked out and cried as I had him in my arms and we sat next to the EB on a haystack. He was not you can see in the pic.

However, later, when the EB was walking around to different tables greeting the CC members, Cade took Baylen by the hand, and convinced him to go talk to the Bunny . He kept telling Baylen to try and touch his tail. haha Baylen was giggling the entire time. Then Cade showed Baylen he was not afraid of the bunny by giving him a hug. Baylen was smiling and laughing and watching the entire thing, but would not hug the bunny. Then the EB knelt down and handed Baylen an egg. He smiled, took the egg and then threw it directly at the Easter Bunny! hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa IT was the funniest thing I had seen all day. He had this big, ornery grin on his face too. Hysterical! The EB was surprised the egg was flying back in his face and I apologized inbetween laughs. Then he went behind the EB and pull on his tail and just laughed and laughed. Cade could hardly contain himself. Those two are going to be trouble together, I think! LOL Funny stuff!

Baylen looking at EB right b/f he threw an egg at him. LOL

Baylen freaking out when he sees EB for the first time...

Brynn terrified of the bunny after he tried to hand her an egg...

Brynn freaking out when she sees the EB for the first time

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Baskets from the EB

The Easter Bunny came to visit our house while we were at church. The kids enjoyed their baskets of goodies. They both received a Zhu Zhu hamster car to share. Baylen received a hamster and some cars, along with some small candy, raisins, etc. inside his eggs. He also received a soccer ball and net which he was supposed to get for Christmas but Santa forgot about it. OOPs haha
Brynn received a Frog Princess dress-up dress, some Go Fish playing cards, some princess pens, and some candy and other goodies inside her eggs. She was thrilled. :) She was also glad the Bunny was NOT in our house once again this year when we arrived home. I had to assure her more than once that the EB does not hang around, but rather stops at our house, drops off the baskets, and is on his way to another kid's house.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Here We COME! :)

Happy Easter

The kids b/f we went to church:

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Token Easter Egg Dye-ing Experience

Brynn was super excited to dye eggs and I kept telling her that she could do it this afternoon. We ended up doing it after dinner. Baylen wasn't sure what we were doing at first, but caught on quickly. We only colored 6 eggs this year--lame, I know, but it was enough and we don't use the eggs for anything afterwards, anyway, so it is what it is. Overall, fun times. :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from my little bunnies! :)