Sunday, June 28, 2009

Time to get crafty

Now that school's out, I have a little more time to get crafty, esp. when the kids are napping or when they are in bed for the night. Here are some hair bows I made and sent off to some friends with little girls.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Al Bundy...Look out!

Seriously, your body is not a playground! This is heard being stated quite a bit. It is often said to our son. Why? Because he likes feeling his junk.

This little Mister is ALWAYS putting his hand in his pants! He constantly tries to touch his junk even when he's wearing a diaper and shorts or pants. He thinks it's funny and as soon as his diaper is getting changed, BOOM, his hand is instantly down on his privates feeling around. It's so annoying especially when he has a poopy diaper. I've been trying different tricks with him lately, like saying, "Hands in the air!!!!" and he'll throw his hands in the air for a few seconds and that gives me some time to get things changed before he gets his hand down there again, or time for me to put my arm there to block him from touching it. Or, I try and give him a toy or something to play with while I change him to distract him. But, those tricks do not always work. I guess he has been doing it a daycare quite a bit too, walking around and just sticking his little old hand down there. I told his teachers to please take his hand out every time they see him do it, which they have been and then of course, every single time, washing his hands. ewww. This boy is giving us a run for our money these days!

Swim Lesson II

Brynn bawled as soon as she got in the water today and was near hyperventilating yelling, "I'm DONE! I'm DONE!" So, I asked her if she would stay in the water if she got to have her mimi. That seemed to calm the waters immediately. She spent the rest of her lesson kicking, playing with water toys, and even jumped off the side to her teacher. I want to get rid of the paci, and it was definitely 2 steps forward, one step back giving it to her, but we also need to build trust with her new teacher in the water and this seemed to be the best way to do it at the time. We'll see what next week brings. It always takes Brynn awhile to adjust to new things.Always.

Sister for Sale

This shirt happens to be true, especially when she tries to drive my cool wheels (AKA blue van) and take it away from me.

Baylen's new ride

Baylen acquired a new ride a couple of days ago and it's been the one thing that is causing the most friction among my two children. Both of them think it's theirs and that they are not required to share it. I asked some of my friends to keep their eye out for one of these little cars at neighborhood garage sales because I knew Baylen would love it. Tami found one a week or two ago and snatched it for us. We are going to spend some time this weekend cleaning it up, but the kids just love it. They fight over it, they try to sit in it and drive together at the same time (which doesn't work), and they love pushing it around the blacktop in front of our house. Anyway, I took a bunch of pics and, Mary, Daniel, Kevin, mom and dad, this "beep beep" should look VERY familiar to you. LOL

(and yes, Brynn can fit perfectly in the trunk of this little car. Baylen hates to ride in the back. He's a drivin' man.)

I guess if I see another one around, I better pick it up so they stop fighting so much. Brynn will share it but Baylen refuses to ever let his sister have a turn. (see below)

Proof that they DO fight over this thing, as Baylen is trying to push Brynn out of the car:


Brynn has been so fun to watch grow and change because she is just a little sponge. We have been working on letter and sound recognition and so far she has learned letters: A, B, C (sometimes), E, I, J, K, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, W, X and Y. Whenever she sees a letter she knows is in her name, she will say, "Mom, that letter is in my name!" She has been able to recognize her name written on paper for a long time (probably 2-3 months) and can point out her artwork in her classroom (when all of them look exactly the same) and tell me which one is hers b/c she sees her name on it.
She also knows some of her numbers including 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.
Finally, she has been able to recognize some shapes (which she learned at school) including a circle, square, heart, diamond, and a triangle.

Her imagination has been running wild, which has been giving her occasional nightmares at night, such as certain animals coming to bite her in her bed, or her room is "scary" or a monster that she supposedly saw under her bed. She also is really into making faces and saying things that match her facial expression. For example, yesterday, she made this really sad face by turning out her bottom lip and said in a sad tone/voice: "Mommy I'm saaaad." And I asked her why and she said, "Because I want daddy to come home from work!" I started laughing and she was giggling too. (Dj was gone via plane over to Eastern WA for the day and then returned last night but she knew he was gone b/c he had left early in the morning.)

Our daycare director told me that the other day, she was showing other kids in her class how to make a diamond with their hands when they sang "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." Also, she can hear a song once on the radio or if Dj is playing his iPod in the car and can remember the tune of the chorus after hearing it just that one time. It's pretty cool. Her current favorite song from dad's iPod Is "Love Love Kiss Kiss" by Akaline Trio. So funny to hear her sing along. She also likes singing along to the BEP's "Boom Boom" song, esp. the part where Fergie screams out, "People in the PLACE if you wanna get downnnn!" I would say her favorite kid's song right now is "Peanut Butter and Jelly."

Potty training is going well for the most part and she has little accidents here and there when she doesn't get to the potty fast enough. She's doing great pooping in there. I would say 50% of the time she tells us she has to go and 50% I ask her or remind her. This has been something that has changed as of late because she is afraid that Baylen will take her stuff if she gets up to leave it behind, which is common. She still wears a pull-up at night yet.

We're working on getting rid of the paci. She is on night #3 of NO Paci. It is rough! She asks for it all the time at night and cries sometimes. She also takes forever to fall asleep now. That part is the hardest. That stupid paci is like an addicting little drug for her. I know it is going to be fine once we get past this little "detox" stage, but jeez, I feel so bad for her. We have let it go on for too long and now it's time to give it up. She is old enough to get rid of it. It is hard for her to see Baylen with one, so I am trying to give it to him less and less just when he sleeps. We told her if she makes it 3 whole nights without the paci, dad will put together her new baby crib. So far so good, but there are numerous times we've had to convince her that it is worth it to get rid of that paci. She was willing to give up her crib to Calleigh earlier this evening when she was starting to become tired, but I told her big girls don't have mimi's and that seemed to work for now.

She has been testing the waters a lot lately, esp. since we have been home from school. Sometimes she is so sweet, will listen so well and is this perfect little angel. Then other times, she goes crazy, doesn't listen to a thing we ask her to do and is just a little pickle!! 1, 2, 3 does not always work, so we have moved having her face the wall and putting her hands on the wall, standing in one spot until we come to get her, similar to a time out. We also have been telling her to put her nose in the corner, esp. when she has done something awful to Baylen like poke his eyes or push him, or hit him in the face. She HATES putting her nose in the corner. It's a good consequence.

DRAMA QUEEN: She can turn on the tears so quickly, esp. when Baylen takes a toy away from her or tries to take her food. Then it becomes instant waterworks. She tattles on him all the time and always says, "Mom, look at Baylen!!" or "Mom, Baylen took my toy from me." or "Mom, Baylen won't share!" It's pretty much constant. She's always telling him no or not to do something, or to do something to get him into trouble. This morning, I heard her tell him after she had flushed the toilet, "Go Baylen, put your hand in the potty and splash around!" So of course, Baylen stuck his hand right in the toilet and was getting all wet splashing in the water. So not cool. She obviously got in trouble for that.

Her current favorite books are The Kissing Hand, Little Pea and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

She is still a great eater, but there are nights when she doesn't eat much and certain foods she will try and then say she doesn't like them, when she might have eaten it a month ago and it was fine.

She weighs around 26 pounds, wears size 2T and a couple of size 3T t-shirts.

8th grade promotion

Last week, we celebrated our 2nd annual 8th grade promotion. it was a lot of fun and the kids who were able to participate really enjoyed it. One of my all-time favorite students came back to speak at the ceremony. His name is Vincent and he is a GREAT kid. He is just this sweet and gentle (now) young man and I can't believe he's already in college at UW. I'm so proud of him for all that he's accomplished. Anyway, here's a little pic of us that night. It was so neat to see him and chat w/ him again. He's one of those kids I hope my son grows up to be like...he's a wonderful, warm and positive kid.

King Of Pop...Dies

I can't believe Michael Jackson has died. I just can't. But he did...yesterday. I grew up listening to his music and it's just so weird that he's actually gone.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Swimming Lessons Day 1

Summer has officially begun with Brynn and Cade attending their first swim lesson today at a neighborhood pool near my school. Tami and I didn't know exactly what to expect and Brynn was so excited all day long. She couldn't wait to see Cade and get in the pool. (So she said). When we arrived, which was a little early so they could get a feel for what to expect, the kids hopped right in the pool without fear. Brynn did well at the beginning, putting her face in, blowing bubbles, getting pulled on her belly and kicking her feet in the water, and even playing with some of the water toys (to become acclimated to the water.) About 10 minutes into the lesson, she said, "I'm done now. I want out." Then she started whining and crying asking to get out every 5 seconds. So, she actually lasted longer than I thought she would. They got her to stay in until about minute 16 (lessons are 20 minutes each and are private), so I give them major props for their patience and encouragement they continued to give to her and their persistence to try and get her to stay in the pool that entire 20 minutes. Cade did REALLY well and really seemed to enjoy his lesson. It was fun to watch. Mister Mister had to sit on the sidelines and so did Mister Mister Tyler.

Now for the plethora of pictures:

Boyfriend and Girlfriend. As you can see, if they go to the prom together, Brynn is going to need HIGH heels. LOL

Much to his disgust, Baylen was forced to sit on the sidelines and eat Ritz crackers instead. Poor guy!

This was when she was starting to lose it and wanted out of the pool.

Braids and Cabooster

Fun Braids today that she LOVED.

Funny convo: the Sylvester that is sitting next to her she found in my classroom this morning.

Bee: Mommy, can I take this home?"

ME: Sure, that's fine with me.

Bee: What's his name?

Me: Sylvester the cat.

Bee: Ohhh Sahbester?

Me: Yep!

LATER....we were discussing her giving up her Mimi (paci) so she could get that baby crib we bought on super sale not too long ago. she was like...ohhh yeah she was going to give it this is what she said:

Bee: Mom, I throw the paci in the trashy so I can get the baby crib?

Me: yes, that would be so great, Brynn! You can do it! You're such a big girl!

Bee: Yeah, and I want to put Cabooster in the crib and rock him.

Me: Who?

Bee: Cabooster.

ME: Who's Cabooster?

Bee: (holds up Sylvester) He's right here, mom! I got him in your classroom, remember?! Cabooster!

Me: LOL hysterically

More of Bee's last day

Here is a quick picture of some of Brynn's classmates on her "official" last day when we came to visit for Bug Safari. They were all excited to see her.

From L-R: Colby, Zoey, Hudson, Brynn, Elsa, and Jacob

Sidenote: Brynn is one of the oldest in this little group and the shortest. Go figure.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bug Safari

Today I took the kids back to their daycare so they could see the Bug guy/Bug Safari. It was pretty cool even though I dislike bugs. Brynn really enjoyed it and actually admits to loving bugs of all kinds. They were able to see several real bugs including a centipede, millipede, tarantula, hissing cockroaches, beetles, and some sort of weird bug that shoots acid out of it's tail. Yikes.
The kids were pretty interested the entire time. Baylen sat for about 10 minutes and then he was totally done with the bug preso. He was tired of sitting. That meant I had to wrestle with him for about 20 minutes more. That was not cool.

These are hissing cockroaches:

Here is the Bug Guy. LOL

Brynn sitting w/ her teacher, Miss Toni during the bug preso:

Bug Guy showing Baylen a beetle:

Brynn's last day of school

Yesterday was Brynn's last day of school for the summer and I had some time tonight to post a couple of pics of her from the first day of school, back on August 19, 2008 and her last day, which I actually took today b/c I didn't have her backpack in the picture from yesterday and wanted it to be a part of the pic. And technically, since we DID return to school today to see the Bug Safari, it should really count that today was her last day. :)

Brynn on her first day of school August 19, 2008

Brynna on her last day of school, June 23, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

School's out for the summa!

YESSSS! Our last half day was today! It was a great day. I put together a 27 minute slideshow for the 8th grade kiddos and that entertained them for the last part of 5th and all of 6th period. School ended at 11:10 so that was nice. Once again, year #8, I cried as the kids left campus. I will miss them. It was a good class this year, once again. I hear the upcoming sevies are just as nice, and I know a few of the girls from VB and they are AWESOME kids. Anyway, it was a good last day even if it was a Monday. We have quite a few people leaving our school but not necessarily by choice...because of RIF's and getting moved to other schools due to budget issues. It was sad to learn of all that were leaving. :( And the BEST part about being a teacher: today was also the B & B's last day of school. I will take them tomorrow to see Bug Safari at their school b/c it's going to be this guy who shows his BUGS up close and personal! LOL (YUCK!) and Brynn is SO excited. It will be fun to see her friends again but I think she's a little confused that she'll be staying home all summer. After all, we usually take a lonnnng trip back to Iowa for the summer, but this time around, sadly, we are not. However, some of her friend's moms have asked for our # for playdates this summer, and we have a few other friends we'll be chilling with too, so she will be plenty busy.

Oh, and I loved Briana's idea of taking a picture of the kids on their first day of school and their last, so I'l post those later tonight if I can.

Baylen on August 19, 2008:

Baylen on June 22, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A new baby in the family part II

I wanted to announce that my brother and my sister-in-law, Emily are having a baby due at the end of December/beg. of January. This will be their third child. We are all very excited for them. :) I am especially excited to think that hopefully I"ll be around when the baby is born so I can meet and hold him or her as a brand new niece or nephew, which is something I have not been able to do with Parker or Calleigh. This will be the first time I can be a part of the excitement and not have to wait for pictures and be 1800 miles away from the little one. :) Parker just turned 4 and Calleigh is two weeks older than Baylen. They will definitely be busy!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Today was our 13th annual Parade of Nations. Brynna once again represented China in the fashion show. She wore the same cheung sam as she did last year. This year she actually spoke into the microphone and said "ni hao" which means hello in Chinese. I represented Vietnam. I think Dj took a good picture of us, and I'll try to post it sometime this weekend, but for now, enjoy one of Brynn.

Baylen's new teacher has been taking pictures of what they are doing each day in class, which is really cool. So we get to see what they are up to. Her goal is to post them up on their new website soon, so that is fun. His new teacher has a lot of energy and a lot of neat ideas. It feels like the kids are really doing a lot of hands on learning and busy all day, so that is nice. She is trying to give them a variety of experiences and introducing them to a variety of cultures, languages and music, as well as dance. So far, he seems to like her. He's kind of indifferent about the situation and the sudden change in teacher, so we'll see how it goes. I won't really know too much until summer is over and we're back in the fall. But for now, she seems to be doing well with the kids. In the picture he is the one in the ISU shirt and red Nike shorts walking out of the gate. They had a picnic on Friday and I brought in a picnic basket filled with goodies and a few bubbles and a bubble wand. I heard they had a great picnic. This week, it's Brynn's turn and I"ll bring a picnic basket full of goodies for her class. At least her class can eat more since they have all their teeth! LOL

This may be the only post for the week. School is ending Monday and things are crazy.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Date Night

Last night, Dj and I went out sans children. It was really nice and something we have not done for awhile. I asked a girl from our daycare to babysit for us and she gladly accepted. When Dj turned 30, I took him out to a really nice place, so we agreed to keep that tradition when it was my turn. We decided to go out to eat downtown at the Metropolitan Grill, which is a really fancy restaurant that serves the best steak I have ever tasted in my entire life. It was delicious. Both Dj and I ordered the 42-day aged Ribeye and finished with a New York cheesecake with raspberry sauce. It has been a long time since we have been to that place and I really enjoyed it. I even saw one of my former students working there as the hostess, which was neat. I keep running into them everywhere these days, it seems. After dinner and drinks, we went over to the casino near our house and gambled for a bit. Dj won some money back on the penny slots but then we lost some on roulette. Oh well. All in all, a great night out by ourselves. Our babysitter had a great night with the kids and we hope to invite her over again sometime to watch them. The kids know here, so it made it super easy to leave knowing they'd be in good hands.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Funny Convo heard amongst students today @ CBA Night

Tonight was our 4th annual CBA Presentation Night. This is a great night where our Social Studies students (only our 8th graders) present their posters and speeches on a controversial issue, such as abortion, same sex marriage, censorship, gun control, capitol punishment, student rights, etc. My Department (I'm the Head of it) plan this entire event and teaching all of the lessons and prepping kids and leading them through this process takes over two months of class time. It is a research-based persuasive paper and project. It's intense, stressful, and one of the most challenging projects for ALL students, as we have different requirements for Special Ed students, Reg. Ed students and Honors students. Anyway, we have a lot of former students, now in high school, who come to visit us, see the projects, and take part in the CBA night by asking the 8th graders questions and listen to their speeches.

Driskell, one of my students from last year, came to visit and hear about some of the projects. I know he is on the football team, so I mentioned how all of the 8th grade boys are really into the football team. HE said he really enjoyed all the guys and thought they were more dedicated than some of the older members on the team. I was telling him that one kid in particular was having a rough time in another teacher's class and causing some issues, talking back, etc. He immediately said he would take care of it because it is his job to help the incoming freshman start becoming responsible for their actions, especially this particular boy b/c he is trying out for QB next year.

As I was walking by, Driskell pulls Kemani aside and says to him:

Driskell: "Hey, when you see Dale, you better tell him I'm looking for him."

Kemani: "Okay why?"

Driskell: "Because I heard he was being a punk in Ms. Kastien's class and he better knock it off. And if I find out he's messing around in there, he won't be walking for a week after I'm through with him on the field."


Kemani: "Okay, I'll tell him."

Man if only we had that kind of pull with high school kids ALL year long. I have been pushing for high school mentors since I arrived here at CMS 8 years ago. This is the kind of mentoring I think would be SO powerful and meaningful. Not the threats part, which I do think is funny, but just that relationship of respect they have for them. It's so neat to see. I am so proud of how much Driskell has grown up this past year. What a great thing to witness as a teacher of a child last year who was a sweet little guy, but just socialized SO much that he never finished his work in class. And now, here he is trying to get these 8th graders in shape. It's really cool.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Classroom Funny

My 8th grade students always say and do funny things. Many people often say to me, "I don't know how you do it. You are a saint. How do you teach 8th graders? Ughhh They are so difficult!" But I find them simply hilarious most of the time. Anyway, I wish you could see a picture of Brett. He is this BIG kid with red hair and often times is one of those rambunctious kids who has a tough exterior, but really, is a nice kid and has a good heart. He can be negative, but when pushed to do something, he'll do it. I had his sister a few years back, whom I'm very close with, so that has helped. I just contact her when he's being a punk. Anyway, our principal describes Brett best when he says he's like a St. Bernard puppy. That is exactly him. The 8th grade boys have recently begun practice sessions with the high school football team next door and are loving it. They just idolize those high school guys and their new football coach. So Brett walks into class a couple of days ago with a big milk jug that's filled with water.

Brett: walks into class and takes a huge chug of water from the milk jug while stopping in the doorway, water is running out of the sides of his mouth as he drinks.

Me: What the heck, Brett? (me: smiling, looking confused)

Brett (smiles): Coach says we gotta drink more water. He said if our piss isn't the same color as this, we're not drinkin' enough.

Me: Oh I see. Good point.

Funny moments like this happen all the time. I wish I wrote them down more often! I did mention to him he may want to use another word other than "piss" but I'm sure they are hearing worse at football practice. LOL

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Poor BayBay

ohhhh look at that poor baby boy! Mister Mister is teething as usual and his top molars broke through sometime this weekend. He has been fussy and his gums are just swollen beyond compare on both the top and bottom. He is eating at school fine, but at home, he hasn't been too interested in eating much for dinner. We just feel so bad for him and hope he can get through this round soon and bounce back to his normal ornery, busy, funny self. We don't like when Mr. Grumpy Pants comes around. He is NO fun.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

To-Do list that never ends

My To-Do list is never-ending, but I did accomplish a few things this past week.

I signed Brynna up for private swimming lessons over the summer. She'll take them twice a week, each lesson is about 20 minutes. It's just an introductory year to let her get more comfortable putting her face in the water, kicking, etc. I am excited b/c someone else will be working with her and I get to sit poolside and watch. I am hoping she'll get in the water and not be too shy.

I burned a few CD's of PP presos and slideshows I've been meaning to burn for awhile now.

I wrote a few thank you cards.

I scrapbooked and finished 1 layout and have a good start on a second.

I am almost ready to put in my Shutterfly order for some free prints.

I bought Father's Day cards this weekend.

I finally made a short TD list for this week ONLY. It's still pretty long and mostly school-oriented.

I packed up two boxes to get ready to send out in the mail.

I read a magazine. Gosh it's been awhile since I've been able to do that.

We bought Brynna a new doll stroller b/c the one she received from Kemily is almost dead. (it's coming apart and will probably die sometime early in the week b/c Baylen's been using it and he's hard on toys...)

I bought B&B some floaties for pool fun this summer.

Most I accomplished this weekend b/c I've been so exhausted the entire week. I don't know what's up with being so tired but I think it has a little bit to do with the fact that it was SO hot this week at school and sitting in that heat all day, as well as the end of the school year is just nutso b/c so much is going on and there are so many deadlines and things to keep track of.

Funny Convo #280, 281

To preface the first convo, Brynn's imagination has been running wild lately. She has been waking in the night claiming that monsters are in her room. I have no idea where she learned about monsters. But, she is saying all sorts of funny things about what she "sees" or "hears." It's pretty cute.

Brynnie: "Mommy, a monkey bite me on my leg!"

Me: "Ouch!"

Brynnie: "Yeah, it hurt really bad!"

a few minutes later...

Brynnie: "Mom, a squirrel bite me on my arm ALL day long."

ME: "Oh no! Where did this happen?"

Brynnie: "In a bush!"

The Next day:

Me: "Brynn, did you guys go outside and play in the water?"

Brynn: "Yeah, it was fun!"

Me: "Did you wear your pink swimsuit or your bikini?"

Brynn: "Pink swimming suit."

Brynn: "Mommy, Madigan's swimsuit is really CUTE! It has hearts on it. I love it!"

Me: "Ohhh I bet. It sounds really cute!"

Thursday, June 4, 2009

We're going on a picnic...kind of

We have been looking all over for a picnic table to buy for the kids to have around for the summer and for the next couple of years for them to use. We started at IKEA b/c they sold them there last year, but when we went last Sunday, they are no longer available this year. We looked at several name brand ones like Step 2 and Little Tikes, but we just didn't want to spend a ton on it. So, our last stop was K-Mart. I saw it online and Dj went one night earlier in the week to see if they had it in the store. Luckily they did, so we bought it. We ate outside tonight for the first time and the kids sat at their new table. The kids really enjoyed it.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gary Paulsen!!!

Gary Paulsen came to our school today to speak and sign autographs. It was really cool to see him in person. He is 70 now, if you can believe that, and wore a flannel shirt, a hat, overalls, hiking boots and sported a beard. He lives in Alaska and runs/trains about 50 dogs. I've read many of his YA books like Hatchet, Harris and Me, NightJohn, etc. I just love his work. I would totally recommend his reads for BOYS especially all of his Brian/Hatchet series, How Angel Peterson Got his Name, etc. I happened to be up in the office when he arrived and was able to meet him and shake his hand. He was very calm and nonchalant when introducing himself like it was no big deal who he was. Crazy. Anyway, he gave a great speech and it was so cool to have him sign my books. I had him sign NightJohn, one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE historical fiction books for YA's and Harris and ME, which is just a hysterical read.

GP rarely comes out for speaking engagements anymore, so it was a REAL treat to have him come to our school. The kids were FANTASTIC at the assembly and afterwards, ever student received a free copy of Hatchet at the end of his presentation. Over 200 kids wanted to get his autograph. The kids were supposed to sign up in the library to get an autograph, and only about 50 had originally signed up, but after he spoke, 150 more wanted to get up close and personal with him. He gladly signed their books and mentioned that quite a few years ago after he spoke, that he signed over 7,000 autographs in ONE DAY until 3 a.m. The kids were really excited and some who never read were opening a book. It was so cool to witness.
**I'll post some pics of GP soon!!!

In other news: it's hotter than shizzo here! no lie! It was 90 today and all week it's been in the 80's. It is SO hot!!! I love the warmer weather and sun, but the kids are going nuts at school, making all these excuses why they can't work b/c they are too hot. Maybe if they took off their freaking sweatshirts and wore cooler clothes, it would not be such an issue. Middle school kids are so funny b/c they wear North Face fleece and sweatshirts in 80 degree weather and shorts and t-shirts in 30 degree weather. So backwards!!! (I swear, anything to defy authority, ya know?!)

Baylen has been having fun at school b/c they have been "swimming" in the little sand box turtles they fill with water. His buddies and him are having blast! I received a note today on Brynn's paper to bring a swimsuit for her so they can get wet too! A friend from school invited the kids and I over to her pool on Friday, so that should be fun.

Brynn has had a bit of potty regression lately. It started last week. Friday she had FOUR, yes FOUR accidents. I don't know if it's because she has noticed that teachers Sandy and Maria are gone from daycare, or if it has to do with her being outside so much and not wanting to miss anything. Sometimes at home, she freaks if she has to leave her toys and go to the BR b/c she's afraid Baylen is going to TAKE HER STUFF and then the world would end. I read online that 80% of kids who get the hang of PT regress. One interesting take on it was from an expert who said to think of it like this: whey they were a baby, they learned how to roll over, crawl, etc. and mastered that skill. Then, with some of those skills, once they learned something else, they stopped doing it as much or even not at all. Potty training is the same way. Once they master it, and at this age they are taking so much in and their learning curve is HUGE, they tend to forget the little things like remembering to go potty. She is doing better today and on Monday I told her if she did well and had no accidents that I would paint her toenails and that really motivated her. She LOVED getting her toes painted Mon. night after her bath and she was showing everyone the next day at school. Some of her friends were very puzzled when she tried showing them her painted toes...I think for her 3rd bday I'll take her to get a pedi. I'm probably creating a monster, but I know she'll love it.

We're getting tough on bedtimes around here with Mister. He drinks his milk and then into bed he goes. No more cuddling and waiting for him to fall asleep in our laps. (bad, we know) We have tried this so many times in his young life (trying to just lay him down to learn how to self-soothe) and he would spend a half hour crying his eyes out. It was so painful to listen to, and between that and dealing with all of his ear issues pre-tubes, it was just hard and not your normal child who goes to bed routine. When we'd go to pick him up, he'd be out of breath and his face was all broken out with a sad!!!! So far, it's going pretty good. Last night he cried for about 20 minutes. Tonight: 5 minutes. We'll see what tomorrow brings. I don't want to battle with him all summer. It's time to show some tough love even though when I hear him cry all i want to do is run up there and pick him up. Tough Love, Tough Love ,Tough Love I keep telling myself. (he's my boyyyy)

I'm loving all the baby news from everyone back home! SO exciting!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yoga Yo!

Aside from the Wii Fit, today was the first official day I have ever tried yoga. It was really fun and I think I stretched body parts I didn't know I had until today. It felt really good. I like the yoga on the Wii Fit, but today we got "down and dirty" doing all sorts of poses I can't do on the WF. I bought a mat this last weekend and tested it out. So far, so good. A teacher at school is helping me learn. She has it on her iPod and then a poster of moves we follow if we are "new" to the class. It was relaxing and just what I needed after a lonnnnnng day. IT was so hot today here and the kids were NOT focused at all. I hate the end of the year when they are like this!! Yoga helped me release those endorphins and rejuvenate before tomorrow...

BTW: Tomorrow, Young Adult author Gary Paulsen is going to be at our school! I am SO excited!

Baylen has fun at Chuck E Cheese's

Monday, June 1, 2009

new movie: Baylen blows bubbles

Are they Twins?

more and more people are asking us when we're out in public if B & B are twins. Um no. Does it fee like it sometimes. ABSOLUTELY. But, these two pictures may prove otherwise. The first is a picture of Brynn when she was quite little, around 7 1/2 months old and the one of Baylen was taken around Christmas time when he was 8 months old.

Funny Convo #276 & #277

Me: Brynn, are you my little lovebug?

Brynn: YEah and Baylen's a SPIDER!


Me: Wow Brynn, look at you going poo poo on the potty! Way to go, girlie, I'm so proud of you!

Brynn: Look mom, that one looks like a seahorse!

Me: ??!? Yeah....a seahorse...that's totally!?!?