Monday, June 30, 2008

Movie Madness

I have a movie of Brynna singing "Where is Thumbkin" but inserts her name and Baylen's name in the song instead. This was filmed a week or so ago when she was sick w/ a cold, so she sounds stuffed up! See if you can tell the words she is singing. Some parts are easier to understand compared to others. :) I "speak Brynn" so I know what she's saying. haha

Double Trouble--A Must Buy with 2 under 2

This week, I will be talking about a great stroller that Dj and I invested in for our two kids under two. When I say "invest," I truly mean that because this is a spendy baby item. But, it is hands-down, in our opinion, the best double stroller on the market right now. We are very pleased with this item and glad we purchased it.

Here are some reasons why it's so great:

*It is newborn friendly
*It is baby friendly
*It is toddler friendly
*it's comfortable
*There are at least 3 different ways you can arrange the seats/babies in the stroller
*It's easy to maneuver
*It's nimble
*It "turns on a dime"
*It's easy to assemble
*It doesn't feel "clunky" or "huge" when pushing it
*It comes it fun colors
*It has plenty of storage underneath for baby bags/items
*It has lots of accessories one can buy to add to the stroller
*It fits nicely in a trunk
*It is fairly easy to fold

*Baylen did not always like laying in the bottom bed part of stroller at first...but he got used to it...I think it was more b/c of his Acid Reflux prob. why he didn't want to lay flat
*It is somewhat awkward to pick up if you are a weakling like me
*It is expensive

I will try and remember to get a pic with both kids in the stroller sometime soon and add it to this blog. Brynna sits in the front and Baylen sits in the back. Now one might think the little one gets "screwed" sitting below, but really, he can see just as well and look around just as much as the older child up front/top. He can now sit in the seat and looks like such a big boy whenever we go shopping. People walk by and think we have just Brynn and then they see our Mister sitting below on the bottom and they point and say, "omg, look at that little guy, there's another one in there!" LOL When Baylen was a newborn, he layed below Brynn's seat in a bed that you can unhook from the stroller. You can see on the site all of the different accessories one can buy. We purchased the bottle/bag attachment that you clip around the top bar of stroller so we could put a water bottle and a milk bottle back there when needed. It works out great! We have this red one, as shown above in this photo I borrowed from a website. LOVE this STROLLER!

Friday, June 27, 2008

This is what happens when...

You think your 1 1/2 year old is coloring on her Aqua Doodle on the table next to you when instead she's eating the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup she found (also on the table) to be much more interesting and apparently, yummy by the looks of her face. Needless to say, I freaked out and prayed she was not or does not become allergic to peanuts.

I'm a cluster blogger, I know

I tend to cluster blog because there are days/times when I have time to actually type and times when I don't. Late at night seems to be the one time I can get some of them up and here's number three of the night. Tomorrow we are going to drive over to Mt. Rainier for the first time. In the 7 years Dj and I have lived here, we have never been there. We have talked about going TONS of times and then never ended up going. Thanks to a gentle push by Mary to do something fun, we are going! I am really looking forward to it and so are Dj and Mary. We're going to pack a picnic lunch and hopefully it won't be too cold up on the mountain.

On another note, we are also planning on going to the Renton Aquatic Center on Sunday. It's supposed to be 90 here and it will be hotter than shit in our house b/c no one around here invests in air conditioning b/c they claim it's unnecessary. Dj and I bought a floor a/c (Maytag) and it's the! Love it! That thing has helped us survived many hot nights. we plug it in upstairs in our bedroom and let it run all night. It's so nice. Anyway, to keep cool and enjoy the sun a bit, we're going to the AC in Renton to see if it's any fun. They have a toddler area, water works area, a couple of water slides, a wave pool, and more. It looks like it would be really fun and I'm sure it will be busy. We might as well test it out!

Baylen is getting to be such a big boy. He is really talking and giggling quite often, which is so much fun! He loves to reach for toys and tries hard to hold onto them. He is even trying to hold onto a bottle when someone is feeding him. He is still spitting up so at his last appt., our Ped. upped his meds to 1.3 ml of Axid. It seems to be helping him but I'll know if it's really doing the trick in about another week or so. Bay also is dealing with some bad cradle "crap" as I call it on the sides of his little head. I've tried the baby oil thing, California baby products, taking a soft brush to it, using a comb with it, etc. and nothing is really helping it. I know babies grow out if it, but this is pretty scratchy-feeling c.c. Ped. told us to try shampoo 2x a week with T-Gel to see if that would help clear it up. We picked some up tonight at Target and I tried it for first time tonight when giving him a bath. I hope it helps his little scalp heal up! And finally, we went to eat at Olive Garden tonight and there was a couple who walked in with their little guy. By the size of him, I guessed he was like 1 month old but when I inquired, she told me he was nearly 11 weeks! Wow....then she looked at my guy and asked the same question...when i responded with "Three months and one week old," I think she about crapped her pants! "Yeah..he's our big boy" I responded and left it at that. That little baby was half the size of lie.

Brynna is definitely acting more and more like a 2-year-old all the time. She has been using the word "MINE" every chance she gets and claims that everything belongs to her. I don't know why I argue with her half the time, but I do and tell her certain things are not hers, particularly Baylen's things b/c she is having a hard time figuring out that he has toys and she has toys. She begged me to allow her to sit in the exersaucer the other night so I let her and she sat in that thing and played and spun around in it for like 10 minutes. I kept telling her it was for babies. I think she finally got the hint and then wanted out and put her baby dolls in it one by one so they could all take a turn playing in the exersaucer. She would play music or push on one of the toys for each baby and talk to her dolls just like she sees me talk to Baylen. She'll check her babies diapers and then say, " poopies!" She says things like, "it's okay baby, don't cry." Or, "I love you baby...I miss you baby." She also says, "Baby, want to go shopping? okay!" and she'll put her baby in a shopping cart or in the stroller and they are off shopping. Funny what these kids pick up, isn't it?!

Fun on the slides

Now that Brynn is not in daycare, we must fill our days with fun things to do or she gets a little bored. I do feel bad for her b/c she didn't get any time to adjust to being home ALL the time. When Mary and I were on a walk the other day, I noticed there was a toddler-friendly play area at the elementary school next door to our house. We walked through and tested it out with Brynn. She LOVED it. She climbed up the steps on her own and went down two slides over and over again and had the most fun. They also had a twisty slide and Mary helped her slide down that one. We tried letting her go down it once by herself and she ended up nearly coming down it head first instead. yep...too big yet. but the other too slides are perfect for her. she had a blast and threw a tantrum when we had to leave!

I also took her to story time at the KCLS library in Kent. They have toddler story time once a week on Thursdays at 10:15. They also have baby story time right afterwards at 11. next week, I will take both B and B to both story times just to see what the baby one is like. Brynn really enjoyed the story time and sang along with quite a few of the songs the librarian was singing, like "5 Little Monkeys Jumpin' on the Bed," "Baa Baa Black Sheep," "The Itsy Bitsy Spider," etc. I know that they also do story time in Burien as well, so we may go to that on Wed. also to see if it's the same or different. either way, repetition is good. Afterwards, we checked out a few books to take home and read. We borrowed: No David, No; Sheep in a Jeep; baby signs for animals; Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See? and a couple others. she already knew and was reading to me No David, No and Brown Bear...
because they also read them at daycare. It was so cute to see her reading along with me and saying the lines from each page. she does that with two other books we read almost every night to her that are her favorites: If you Give a Mouse a Cookie and If you Give a Pig a Pancake...she will say whole lines of the story or certain words she'll fill in if I don't finish the sentence on purpose. She's a smarty! :)

Pool Time

On Wednesday, it was really sunny and warm out, so I decided to pull one of our baby pools out from the garage. It is no easy task to fill this pool because we wanted to swim in it right away, so I had to fill pan after pan of warm water from our sink and then Mary poured them in one by one. Needless to say, it took us about 45 minutes to fill it about half full. I reminded Mary that last year, I filled it all by myself and it took me like 2 hours, but we used it every day in August. Wednesday, we didn't fill it all the way full, just enough so Brynn could sit in it and either Mary or I could also sit in with her and Baylen could join in on the fun. Both Brynn and Baylen loved the water.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I kissed a girl and I liked it.....grrrr

Here are some things that have been annoying me lately:

1. The song, "I kissed a girl" every time I hear it on the radio, it drives me insane. can't stand it.

2. I can't get the "My Family" app to work on my Facebook page. It is driving me crazy....why won't it freaking show up on my page? I emailed the company who manages it, and still haven't heard back from them. stupid.

3. Drivers around here suck ass. Seriously. I don't know how many people around here run red lights on a daily basis. It's horrible. I am all for photo-enforced lights EVERYWHERE. it's getting out of hand--it's ridic. really, because someone is going to get seriously hurt one of these days.

4. Every time I watch NBC, the commericals are so FREAKING loud...why should I have to adjust my volume on the TV everytime commercials come on? so high maintenance....

5. I drink one beer a night. one. and tonight I'm drinking the last one in the fridge. It's only wednesday. not cool.

6. The loud ass judge, Mary McCormick on the show, "So you think you can dance".....her voice is deafening and her laugh is super annoying...oh and she has really corny one-liners

7. The breadsticks at Pizza Hut buffet today were not seasoned. why? I have no clue but it was annoying....they were dry and nasty. How many people actually eat them without the seasoning? I'm thinking more actually enjoy them to have FLAVOR vs. no taste, but that's just me...

8. All the knotheads who try out for these talent shows. Seriously....last night we watched "America's Got Talent" and there were some really horrible acts. Do they really think they are good?'s getting about as bad as the American Idol contestants who think they are great singers and are terrible.

9. They are building a new light-rail system from our airport to downtown Seattle. It is supposed to be ready in 2009. When we drove by today, I noticed that there was a bunch of graffiti all over the hub part of the station. That just plain pisses me off.

10. Brynn loves watching Sesame Street. Dj downloaded these TV shows from iTunes that are short shows with the different characters from SS especially b/c Brynn has been loving the show so much. These shows are not very exciting to watch and drive me crazy. I can watch any other Elmo or SS show...but these? They do not keep my interest. Brynn's attention span is very short when these play as well. Ha..I'm not the only one!

11. Baylen is getting too tall/long for the bassinet....already. wahhhh.

12. I am a democrat, so if you are not, you might not want to read this piece of annoyance: Two things about JM: John McCain's arms are really short...(my dad was right) and ever since my mom told me my dad always points that out, that is all I can focus on.....AND...he is just too freaking old to be our President. Every time I see him on the news he just looks so pasty and ill...I don't think any kind of make-up will help.

okay that's all for now anyway...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Breastfeeding MUST-Buy

I decided that maybe once a week, I will discuss the pros or cons of one baby product or mother w/ baby product. I've been thinking about posting this on my blog for awhile now, and especially since I saw this now selling in Babies R Us. The product of the week I am pushing all nursing mothers to buy if they haven't done so already is this very special nursing bra. Now, most of you probably know, when first nursing, (at least what I learned in my nursing class last year) it is better to wear nursing bras without wire in them. Here's where I would like to introduce the Medela Nursing Bra. I spent all of my nursing months with Brynna wearing floppy, flimsy nursing bras from Motherhood Maternity. I thought they were decent and didn't really think I would need anything different. That was until my very dear friend, Megan, told me she tried the Medela bra and LOVED it. So, I hopped online and bought one off of If you have a Gap store near you that sells maternity clothes in the store, then they will also sell Medela bras in there as well. But, the only one around here that does that is in downtown Seattle. I was soooo happy to see that Babies R Us in Tukwila is now selling the bras on their shelves! The bras do run about $40 a piece, but I am telling you, it is WELL worth it! It is the best bra hands down. The quality is high, the bra is durable and holds everything in very well. I have this model here and I have two of them currently.

I am thinking of branching out to try the underwire bra, but I am curious: do any of you current bf moms wear underwire bras now? How long have you been wearing them?

Monday, June 23, 2008

He made me...

Some of you may have seen this picture of Baylen and his famous bib on our web gallery. All I can say is that Dj wanted to buy this bib for Baylen before he was born. He found it at a cute little store in Des Moines called Suite Dreams. When you walk into this store, finding a bib that says "mmmmm boobies" is the last thing you'd think you would find in there b/c everything is so cute, expensive and trendy. But, leave it up to my husband to find an x-rated bib. I told him that Baylen would NOt be wearing this bib in public. ever. He just laughed and said.."no problem, honey." I can only imagine what our son will think when he's 18 and looking at this pic and wondering what his father was thinking.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

updated photo site

Dj's been working hard to update our gallery site. Check out new albums from May and June! :)

new favorite photo

I think this is one of my most favorite photos of Brynna that her teachers have taken of her at daycare. Every holiday, they always get creative and take a cute picture of each child in her class and then put it in a card or on something like a decorated plate, etc. This photo was inside Dj's Father's Day card last weekend. It was such a pleasant surprise and we enjoyed a good laugh when looking at this! haha

Professional pics

I went to the mall on Friday and had some new pics taken of Baylen to celebrate his 3 month birthday. Here are some of them. They turned out pretty good. I had plans to change his outfit for more choices, but he got cranky so we stopped after the first ensemble. The fourth pic is so funny b/c he looks so chunky! LOL Our future NFL player!

First M's Game

This last week, we went to a Mariner's game vs. the Marlins. Unfortunately, the M's are having a really horrible season thus far. This past week, they fired the GM and then our Team Manager. It has not been pretty and disappointing b/c this was supposed to be "our year." Anyway, despite the fact that our team sucks, we still are fans, and Mary wanted to meet some friends who were visiting at the game. We packed up the kids and headed up to the game on Wed. night. I don't think we'll be taking them back anytime soon b/c I barely saw any of the game, and neither did Dj. One child was manageable at the game and we were able to actually watch a lot of it back then. But two kids? Forget it! I wasn't sad or anything that I missed most of the game, but I decided it would be more fun when they are a little older and can both sit in seats on their own or at least for part of the game is when we will go back...or when we have more back-ups to help hold/entertain them! :) Despite the fact that our team lost and we didn't see a whole lot of the game, we got some cute pics. Brynn has just recently found her pockets and LOVES walking around with any outfit that has them with her hands inside. :)

Friday, June 20, 2008


We went to the Woodland Park Zoo yesterday for the second time. Mary had some friends visiting from Iowa, so we met her and her sister there, and their cousin and 3 cute kids. Brynna loved the zoo! We even got to feed the giraffes! :0 That was soooo much fun! Brynna was not afraid at all and we were amazed at how long their tongues are!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Blob

This video is from the 8th grade retreat. Fabian is getting bobbed by Troy. It was freaking hilarious to see Fabian getting launched!

A couple pics from 8th grade graduation

here are just a few pics from 8th grade graduation:

School is out!

I will be posting quite a few posts tonight.
This has been an extremely busy last three days. On Monday, we had just a "regular" school day but we didn't do any teaching b/c the kids are just done and so are the teachers. On Tuesday, we went on the 8th grade retreat to the lake retreat up in Ravensdale, and it was awesome. Tuesday night, we had our very first 8th grade graduation. It was VERY nice and the kids were so excited about it. We all were so impressed and there were a shit-ton of parents there. :)

School ended yesterday. I am going to miss my students very much, especially my morning kids. They were such a good class. Yesterday we sat in a circle and I went around and told each student at least one or two things I would remember about them. As I focused in on Kimberly, about half way through the circle, I started crying. Kimberly is very special to me because in the beg. of the year, she was skipping school often and getting into trouble. She was hanging out with high school students instead of coming to school. Then one day, she decided to start coming to school. She was applying herself and decided to make the right choices and stay in school. About two months after she made the right decision, I gave her a Friday Note, and told her how proud I was of her. That note stayed in her binder all year and she was so proud of it. When I was telling her how proud I was of her for making the right decisions, she started crying too and it was just a special moment for all of us. *sigh* I just hope all of my kiddos make it and graduate from high school without getting pregnant or dropping out to get a GED. I want them to go to college and make something of themselves and get out of the ghetto. Because they all deserve it.

Here' s a pic of 3 of my students...Stacy is on the left in the blue, and Kimberly is the third girl from the left, followed by Anita. (I don't know the 2nd girl, she was not in any of my classes)

3 Month Appt.

This morning, Baylen had his 3-month check-up. He weighed in at 15 lbs., 7 oz, which puts him in the 75%ile for weight. He also is 25 inches tall, which puts him in the 50-75%tile. He is doing well. He had to have several shots today, including on oral vaccine. He cried just for the time he was given the shots but then was fine afterward. He slept quite a bit off and on the rest of the day while we were at the zoo. I think his legs are sore this evening, because when I was trying to take off his shorts earlier, he was crying pretty hard as I was pulling them off. Poor little dude! Tomorrow I am getting his 3-month pics taken at the mall. I don't plan on spending that much on them b/c we splurged on the last session w/ Bay and Bee. I just wanted to get them taken since we didn't get any last time with just him.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

To the Best Daddy in the Whole Wide World!

♥ Brynna & Baylen

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day, Dad! I love you and miss you! I can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks and for you to meet Baylen!
My dad is the BEST! :) He has been there for me (and my siblings) our entire lives. He is very loving, has a fun sense of humor, and has always been active. He was always the announcer at all of our games (and sometimes ran the clock) when we played sports in high school. He always gave my friends a bad time (and still does). He always played sports with us outside, or board games inside and NEVER let us win anything. Ever. (still doesn't if he can help it) I remember the one time I beat him at MOnopoly was when I was in college and we had to take a picture of it b/c we knew it might be the only time in HISTORY it would happen. haha He is the best dad a girl could ever ask for and a wonderful Papa. :) Love you dad!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

One more video

I have had a few extra minutes this past weekend (Friday-Sat) to post again b/c Baylen is nursing so I have time to log onto my laptop while he's doing he's trying to fall asleep. Here's a new, short video of Brynna saying a few words to her daddy. I'm trying really hard to get her to sing a couple of songs on tape, such as "Spider Man" and "The Wheels on the Bus." So far, I have not had luck with that. Hopefully soon.

Baylen is 3 months old (yesterday)

I can't believe our little stud is 3 months old already. Time has flown by. I am recording his latest tricks here b/c I need to write them in his baby book sometime soon.

*He is starting to reach for toys, especially when he's laying under his little Ocean Wonders floor gym.
*He smiles and laughs.
*He likes to stand and be pulled up to a stand.
*He hates to be alone (can can tell when he's in on the floor by himself, he starts crying).
*Can't stand to have a poopy diaper
*Lately, he can get really fussy before he falls asleep.
*Currently (for the most part) he's been sleeping through the night (10-5 or 10-6), so that has been awesome!
*He is almost too big for his bassinet (too long)
*Most footed pajamas he can only wear once before his toes are busting through the ends. (We have decided no more footie pj's for him--footless is the way to go b/c he's so tall!)
*He is so much taller than Brynna was at this age, so I hope he will be a tall boy like his uncles Kevin and Daniel.
*He's trying so hard to roll over...he's sooooo close--he just can figure out how to get his inside arm rotated to get all the way over.
*He doesn't mind tummy fact, he tries to "leap frog" forward using his knees and toes to push himself forward, then smashing his face into the carpet/blanket.
*He is NOT a shoulder sleeper...prefers to lay on his back cuddled into me/Mary and rock in the rocking chair or patted on the butt
*He's a mover--he will lay on his back and scoot around, rotating himself in different positions using his legs.

I have included a recent pic and video. The video is fairly uneventful but at least you get to see him being alert. I didn't really get him to talk much on this video. We're still working on getting it on tape. It seems like every time I try to tape him, he clams up! He must be a little camera shy! :)

ahhh My little guy is growing up too fast!

Friday, June 13, 2008


Craziness has entered my life lately in numerous ways:

1. It begins with the gas prices. Yesterday I paid $54.00 to fill up my Jetta. It used to cost me 30. Gas is up to $4.29 a gallon here. I find it completely insane and unfair. Someone in charge needs to figure out how to regulate these prices, or find additional fuel alternatives that we can access because seriously, it's ridiculous. I wouldn't mind it so much if we had a dependable mass-transit system in place, but we do not, and most places in the U.S. don't have the luxury of a subway system or a fast train like Europe does. If gas continues to rise, we'll see more and more people riding Vespa's or driving SmartCars, won't we? (haha just like in Italy and France). I am looking forward to school ending for the summer so I don't have to drive anywhere if I don't want to.

2. Work/School is nutso right now. The kids are coming to my room for their yearbooks at all hours of the day. I had 2 boys demand that I give them their books during 5th period today and I said No I was busy. They pleaded and said, "why not?" and finally I told them they needed to come after school to pick them up. Unhappy, they left, but I was really busy with my own class. Yesterday and Today during 1st was 8 and 7 grade yrbk distribution. If kids don't come up during that time to pick up, then I have to cross reference the yrbk list with the fine list and then try to get the rest of the books delivered. This should settle down next week when I hand it over to the bookkeeper.

3. Slideshow...I have to put one together for the 8th grade retreat, graduation, and last day of school. I haven't even started.

4. I have a stack of papers to grade. Grades are due next week for quarter and semester. I want to get them in by Wednesday.

5. My classroom needs some major organizing b/f I leave for the year....I like to organize my posters, etc. in a certain way. Right now they are in a huge pile on top of my closet. yikes. My bulletin boards need to come down. I need to take home some computers for the summer.

6. The flooding in Iowa. enough said.

7. Copies. I have to make 150 copies to go in our school newspaper (last edition) on Monday.

8. Tuesday day is 8th grade retreat. We're gone all day to the lake. Tuesday night is our very first 8th grade promotion/graduation ceremony. Why our school is doing this? I'm not sure. I don't think it's a HUGE deal to make it out of 8th grade...but, I'll go with the flow.

9. Our schedule for next year: is totally frakked up. Our 8th grade classes got split we are going to be teaching a bunch of singleton classes, which we said we DIDN"T WANT. yet, that's what the schedule looks like right now. They even broke up our honors cores. Yikes. We're having another meeting w/ the principal about it next week. I met w/ him once and nothing came from it. Then, another woman in our department drafted a letter explaining our frustrations AGAIN and referenced the contract. Now, all of a sudden, the schedule isn't set it stone. Let's hope we can get it changed.

10. Brynn has stopped going potty on the potty chair. She'll sit on it, but won't pee. Regression has set in.

11. Monday I have EHS graduation after school. Where the HELL will I find a parking spot?

12. Wednesday is check-out, end-of-the year party, AND Mariners game that night.

13. Thursday is Baylen's Dr. appt., then to the zoo.

I think I need a vacation.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Three Babies

here's a pic I took the other night of all three of them lined up. The baby in pink is one of Brynna's favorite babies that she received for Xmas this past year from my parents. That baby gets burped, gets to swing, sits in the Papasan chair, gets pushed around in her stroller and in the shopping cart, gets wrapped up in a blankie, and gets a bottle. Brynna is quite the mommy to her! :)

Today was the first day of yearbook distribution. 8th graders received theirs first and 7th graders get theirs tomorrow. So far, it's been pretty low key. Tomorrow there are a LOT of sevies who bought books, so hopefully we can get through all of them before first period is over. I need to work on the slide show this weekend that's going to be shown next week 3 times....once after 8th grade retreat, once at the 8th grade graduation ceremony, and again on last day of school. Lots going on these next few days. Tomorrow is the soccer game (staff vs. students) and I don't want to play in it at all. I dislike soccer b/c I'm not good at it and I don't know all the rules. I always play in the basketball and volleyball matches vs. the kids, but I despise the damn soccer game. I might accidentally forget my clothes tomorrow.

My students have been pretty good considering it's the end of the year. They are really hanging in there. They all finished their work today. In Honors after we watched a movie about the struggles during the CIvil Rights Movement, we played the Dictionary Game, which is a lot like Balderdash. They LOVED IT! Tomorrow we're having a party and playing more of the game! I am going to order a couple of pizzas b/c they are $3.99 each at Dominos right now for a large. Talk about a steal! It reminds me of good old college days when we'd order one at 1:30 in the morning after a full night of drinking. Ahhhh those were the days! LOL

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

third time's a charm

Third post in one night but I only have one comment to make:

seriously, Briana, Megan: your hubs' watch Battlestar Gallactica too? Wow, that makes me feel better...cuz I thought my hubs was the only one who watched that weirdo show. That's the one that the characters say "Frak" instead of the real F-bomb! I am NOt a fan of that show but I feel bad that two of his shows got deleted b/c of the fuse blowing....he always watches them later at night to relax and now they are gone. :( Stupid cable box!

Sibling Love

Two posts in one night!

Baylen loves his big sister. Every time he hears her voice, he's looking all over for her and trying to see what she's doing. When she gets in his face, he just smiles and giggles. When she tries to play with him, or give him his paci, or wipe his mouth after spitting up, he is always just so patient with her and lets her do whatever to him. She's fallen on him, used him as a stepping stool, used him to help her balance and get up from the floor and he's never cried once. He is going to be one tough guy, I think. He just puts up with everything Brynn does with him/to him. We are very protective of Baylen, so I hope it doesn't sound like we just let Brynn body slam him or anything, but there are times when she's accidently been a little too rough with him. We are constantly trying to teach her "gentle" and "be nice, Brynn" or "be careful around the baby, Bee," etc.

Now, the question is, how long will that sibling love last? She's already hit him once (when he was pretty young and still in her hitting stage) because he was sitting in the Bumbo and she wanted to sit in it. It was actually a hilarious moment and she hit him in the arm...little Baylen didn't even know what was going on. Luckily, we have two Bumbos now, so Brynn doesn't have to share with him. (we got another one given to us by Brynn's teacher from daycare--she was getting rid of it)

--update: Baylen has been sleeping really well for 3 nights in a row. He cluster feeds from 8-10 p.m. but he'll go down around 9:30-10 and will sleep ON HIS BACK in the bassinet until 5 or 6 a.m.! Whooohoooooooooooooooooo...let's hope it continues. Now we have to figure out (when we get back from Iowa) where he'll sleep b/c I am sure he'll be too big for bassinet...he is almost too long for it now....he's so tall!) Also, Baylen has been trying to roll over. He is SO close!

In this 2nd pic, Brynn is trying to give the "peace" sign. LOL This was as close as we got!