Sunday, January 31, 2010

Disney Live!

We went to Disney Live yesterday. It was a cute show and Brynn loved it. Baylen was super excited to see Mickey and Minnie, along with the rest of the Disney characters he recognized. He was interested the first 45 mint. of the show but after intermission, he was cashed out and fell asleep. I don't know how he did b/c it was pretty loud. Bee's fav. part was Cinderella, and MInnie, of course. She begged for Minnie ears and other stuff at the souvenir stand, but that stuff is soooo expensive. Luckily, I had a pair of Minnie Ears I bought at DL a few years ago when DJ and I went and I told her she could have them when we got home. So, I pulled them out on Sun. and she was THRILLED! She was wearing them around and it was super cute. Thank God I saved them. And Dj always knocks me for saving stuff like that...haha I knew those ears would come in handy.

Big Boy Bed

Baylen had his crib converted into a big boy bed today. we'll see how long he stays in bed and if he sleeps fine. Here's to crossing our fingers.

P.S. Notice how swollen and red his cheeks look...poor man is starting to deal with his 2-yr. molars. :(

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happiest Toddler on the Block

Seriously, I have heard of this book and finally decided to pick it up? WHy? Because my son has been ornery. He's been throwing fits. He's crying a lot. He is stubborn. He doesn't listen. He does the opposite of what you ask him or tell him to do. He breaks nearly everything he touches. He flies in and flies out. When he's happy, he's happy but when he's upset, you will definitely know it b/c it's loud and in your face. He's And my patience was wearing very thin. I was immediately drawn after the first few pages into reading. Dr. Karp then begins discussing how toddlers can be classified into three different temperament groups: easy (40% of children), (Timid), and Challenging (10% of children). He described Baylen EXACTLY when talking about challenging temperaments. I couldn't believe it, there it was staring back at me: what I've been waiting to hear. Reading it made me smile and gigle. That is exactly who Mister Mister is: busy, when he up, he's way up, but when he's down, he's wayyy down; stubborn; persistant; emotional; destructive (almost always not intentional); flies in and flies out of places; everyone has to hear him/her; really cares about others; likes all the attention on them: likes people to laugh at him/her; language was limited as a 1-2 yr. old; rough; has to touch everything; impulsive; and the list goes on. It was interesting because although this book presents just one opinion, Karp said that parents of all three kinds of children are good parents, but parents of challenging children are saints. haha I don't know about that, but it sure is kind of him to say that! ;)

Now I'm getting to the good part of the book. Why? Because Dr. Karp has solidified my belief that our son is not the norm. And he's not. So it makes me feel better knowing I was not crazy. I'll continue to read the rest of the book to discover any tips we haven't tried already. I'm not by any means saying that he's a bad child. He's not. He's a good boy--passionate, funny, smart, goofy, and knows what he wants. He is who he is and I want to make sure we are doing everything we can to support his journey successfully as he transitions into a little boy.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Flashback to the 80's

means playing with an 80's toy that is SO cool: The Lite Brite. Which by the way, is not near as cool as the old school one used to be. And, in 2010, apparently it takes deep concentration to place the lights in exactly the right spot.

Brynnisms Part II

song comes on radio: "Poker Face"

Me: "Brynn, you like this song, it's Poker Face!"

Bee: "Yeah, I love it!" (sings chorus)

Bee: "Pah pah pah pah poker faceeee!"

Bee: "Momma, Gramma Ruth loves this song too, remember? You showed me on your computer!"

LOL (she is remembering a post Grandma Ruth posted on Family website about watching Lady Gaga on the Oprah Show a couple of weeks ago and now she thinks G'ma LOVES Lady Gaga too. hahaha) I don't know how Brynn remembers stuff like that...but she does

Top 10 Reasons...

My Grandma Ruth is Cool:

1. She tans in the summer at our pool & swims
2. She drives fast
3. She loves shopping
4. She is crafty and makes us a Christmas ornament every year and has since 1984
5. She knows who Lady Gaga is
6. She loves Iowa State (and Iowa too) and always tries to convince us to like both teams and gives us "the look" when we say NEVER!!! haha
7. She loves her dog, Jag
8. She sends emails, reads this blog, and surfs the Internet
9. She's been on our town's library board for years
10. She plays the Wii!

This Guy...

This is my brother, Daniel. He is graduating from high school this year. He is going to be 18 in less than a month. I can't believe he's this old already. Baylen loves Daniel--they are good buddies.

Great G'ma's

My kids are so fortunate to not only get to sit w/ their great grandmas, but also really know who they are and love them. Today, the song, "Poker Face" came on by Lady Gaga and Brynn exclaimed, "G'ma Ruth likes this song too, mom!" LOL

Pitch a Tent haha

I am still behind on posting from the holidays, but the kids received a tent for Christmas from Papa Kevin and G'ma Cindy. They really love playing and crawling around in it.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

There's a hole in my ceiling...dear Liza, dear Liza

Yes I have a shoebox sized hole in my ceiling. This is only because we noticed there was some sort of water leaking from what appeared to be our newly remodeled BATHROOM. Ceiling fan wasn't working one day after kids were messing with it. Dj smelled burning electrical wire. He thought it was just the fan. Then, he started thinking it was something more serious. He went to Home Depot and they came to check it out. After cutting the hole, they discovered it was the tub drain. They sealed it and now we wait. In addition to the lovely hole, now part of our ceiling is rippling. So they will have to fix that too, I imagine. According to all parties, we found/took care of the issue just in time. What a mess that could have been, huh? I'm just glad it was their screw-up and not something we had to try and deal with ourselves. I still don't like the hole in my ceiling, but if it means getting it fixed, then I'll deal with it.


This morning:

Baylen farts and laughs out loud.

Brynn smiles.

Daddy: "Baylen did you fart?"

Baylen: "hahahahaha Yeah."

Brynn: "Baylen, that sounds like the Christmas Duck!"

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This is what I walked in on...

"Mom, look at me! I got dressed in my dress all by myself! I'm Ariel, mom...a mermaid lady!" She put on her Ariel princess dress all by herself...along with just a FEW accessories. L!

This little one is really into Princess Ariel and sings "Part of Your World" constantly.

P.S. Yes the dress has a fish tail

Mister ♥s trains

Mister Mister received a Thomas the Train railroad track set from Santa for Christmas this year and it is one of his favorite things to play with. (aside from his tractor and combine) Daddy helped him build his track. He drives the train around the track and says, "Thomas!" and "Choo Choo Train!"

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mister Cyclone

This Little Mister keeps us on our toes. He's an ornery little guy...but a cute one. ;)

He had a GREAT drop-off at school today. No tears. Yay!

This is why I teach...

I received this e-mail today from a former student. I had him about 5 years totally made my day. I loved this kid when he was in my class. He was one of my best journalists as far as wanting to uncover the REAL truth and printing brutal honesty. He was always on our principal's case about something. It was funny.

Here's the email:

Dear Mrs.Fitzpatrick,

My name is Michael (LAST NAME OMITTED FOR PRIVACY PURPOSES) I don't know whether or not you will remember me; but you were my teacher in journalism. I'm writing to you because i wanted to thank you for the tremendous impact you made on my life. I've had many teachers but very few that managed to make an impact. You seemed to genuinely care about all of your students and i find that often times gifted and caring teachers go unnoticed and unappreciated so although it's not much, i thought that i would send a simple thank you. I hope that you're doing well and your students are kind.

*SIGH* :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Go Cyclones!

Even when we have players who wrongfully desert us, we still have to play hard. Good thing they have some good cheerleaders rootin' for them wayyyyy out in WA 1800 miles away. We're part of the CYCLONE NATION!!!

Baylen saw Cy on TV b/f the game and shouted, "GO I-state!!!"

and Brynn had her pompom and yelled: "GO CYCLONES! BOOO BLUE TEAM!" LOL

Thursday, January 21, 2010

BayBee Salon

The kids had fun styling my hair last night with Brynn's hair tools. LOL It was super funny. The hair dryer actually makes noise and blows air, although if Baylen tried to dry my hair with that thing, it would take days.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Bee @ 3

I have not updated in awhile about the little things I love about Brynnie as a 3-year-old. She is just this little sophisticated person stuck in a 3-year-old body. She thinks she knows everything, is bossy, very loving & caring, sweet, gentle, smart, and has her share of mood swings and tantrums.

Weighing in at 29 pounds, with a size 7-7.5 shoe, size 2T and 3T clothes, this girl is tiny but fierce. She loves to dress up in princess dresses and high heels. She loves to sport her ISU cheerleading outfit and shout, (arm movements and all) "Go, Fight, Win! Go Iowa State!" and then jump around. She loves putting bows in her hair and often claims, "My friends are going to love my outfit, mommy." "I'm going to show them my cute bow!" She is very matter-of-fact and tends to be able to claim deafness once in awhile with a classic, "Huh?" when you ask her to do something such as pick up her dirty clothes or put away her toys.

She loves anything Disney princess. Her current favs are Princess Tiana, Snow White, and Ariel. She loves to curl and dry her hair with her hair tools and accessories. She likes to get her toenails painted. She puts her foot down when Baylen is in her business or slams the door in his face and demands privacy when he tries to butt in. She and her brother get along pretty well, but they also have their...AHEM...moments. When they are fighting and Brynn hits or pushes him, she now lies and makes up stories about how he got hurt or why he's crying. Her latest excuses are, "Mommy, I don't know what happened. Baylen just fell on the floor all by himself." or "I think Baylen hit is head or something." Meanwhile, her brother, who can now verbalize what's going on will tell me the truth to expose his sister: pointing at his head, "Mom, Brynn hit head, OUCH!" or "Momma, Brynn pushed, OUCH!" Then, she's busted and must confess.

She hates timeouts, and sitting on the steps does nothing for her, so we do nose in the corner and that is something she DOES NOT enjoy. She also does not like putting her hands on the wall during time out. We also send her to her room when she's had one of those days where she's been bawling over every little thing because she's refused to take a nap and we have reached our breaking point. When she's done crying and settled down, then she can return back to playing in the living room or wherever.

She loves to tell people to "Just worry about yourself," or "Mind your own business." She loves to talk like an adult and use every big word she hears. Sometimes, she can use them correctly, while other times, it's completely out of context, which is super amusing. "Okay, mommy, I promise" is her newest "I'm sweet and can fool you" compromise.

She is very into emotions and is learning how to share those emotions quite regularly. "Mom, this makes me very happy!" or lately, at the top of her lungs when she's frustrated..."I CAN"T DO THIS!!! AHHHHH!" or, with hands on her hips, "MOM, I AM VERY ANGRYYYY!" I just giggle sometimes and she's not too fond of that. But it kills me that she's this little person with so many emotions and really figuring things out. Her Ped. said she talks like a 5-year-old. I say it's more like a 16-year-old. Holy adolescence! I thought that didn't come until 10 years from now. Wowzers.

Miss Storyteller loves to open books and read them to Baylen. Sometimes, they are right on b/c she's memorized them. Others, she makes up and always starts with the famous line, "Once upon a time..." and then she tells the story. This is very cute.

She loves to play games and her current favorite is Cootie, which we have played a couple of different nights after supper as a family. Brynnalicious loves to win and often creates her own rules. She loves to play with her fake money her teacher gave her and play with her cash register. She loves to serve tea, hot cocoa, grapes, and hamburgers from her kitchen. Bees will charge you $50 for some chicken nuggets, grapes, and a soda, but one can easily talk her down for a cheaper meal. :) Her current favorite books are Pinkalicious, Purplelicious, and The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs.

Her favorite color is Pink and she often says, "Mom, look, that's pinkalicious!"

She can count to ten in Spanish, and count up to 40 in English. She can recognize the letters of the alphabet, all numbers, and write her own name. She can tell you her phone number. She knows and can say all the days of the week in Spanish. She can say the colors red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, brown, black, and white in Spanish. Bees will answer with a simple "Bien" when you ask her, "Como estas?"

Her love for babies is over the top. Real babies. Baby Dolls. Babies in photos. Herself as a baby. She hearts stuffed animals as well, and enjoys talking on her cell phone. (fake one) She is a very good mommy and loves her sister babies (bitty baby and twin bitty baby).

She enjoys nearly all kinds of foods, but lately, has taken on the idea of "I don't like that." when she might have eaten it last week. She tries to be very opinionated at the dinner table and often talks our ears off the entire meal. We often have to tell her to stop talking just for a minute and eat and is usually the last one to finish. Brynnie loves telling me/us what she wants to order when we go out to eat. Beezy loves choosing what she wants to drink.

She sings. She sings. She sings. all.the.time. She loves to sing. Brynna Bee loves to listen to the radio. Miss Backseat Driver often states "Turn the radio up!" "Turn the radio down!" "Mom, I want music NOW!" She loves Beyonce, Lady Gaga, the song, "Down" or "Whatcha Say". She loves all of the "kid friendly" songs and I think we heard "Here Comes Suzy Snowflake" about 1000 times December and January. She sings, "SpiderMan," "Itsy Bitsy Spider" the "days of the week," "BINGO", some whale song, and so many more. While she sings, she also provides me with some driving tips. "Mom, drive faster!"

Along with singing, comes the dancing. Bees loves to dance. She loves being in dance each week. She enjoys learning new techniques and is always very excited to go to lessons. She adored being on stage last month during the show. Since the dance recital, all B. wants me to do is put makeup on her face. Go figure.

Miss B. loves loves loves her friends. She tells me each day in the car on the way to school what she is going to talk to them about. She enjoys hanging out with them and is now saying things like, "Mom, can we invite Madigan over to our house to play? i want her to come over."

This girlie has a crazy good memory, and can remember things from her 2nd birthday party, or things people said or did several months ago. She remembers small details that one wouldn't think a 3-year-old would remember.

This girlie is a teacher's pet... Ahhhh a girl after my own heart. She is always sitting directly next to or on the teacher's lap. She wants to please her teachers all of the time. She likes to be the smartest one in the class. She likes to talk to her teachers about things she knows. She likes everyone to know when she has done something neat or cool.

Brynna loved Christmas and adored her birthday. B. totally loved making a list this year and telling Santa what she wanted. Her eyes lit up the entire room after opening a gift that she really wanted from her list and would shout out what it was and jump up and down, super excited.

At 3, she is witty, charming, easily frustrated, stubborn, observant, sly, creative, and a bundle of energy who often fights naps and sometimes stalls at bedtime just to stay up that extra minute. She will come downstairs after she's supposed to be in bed and come straight to me, won't even look at her father. We both find this highly amusing. This is soon followed by a "Mommy? I can't sleep." or "I need water." or "I fell out of bed." or "Baylen's talking." or "I forgot to brush my teeth." Whatever excuse a 3-year-old can come up with to stall, she's thought of it. Trust me.

The other day, I asked her what they learned about in school and she said, "about Martin Luther King Juneeerrr!" Then I asked what she learned about him and she replied, "He said that he wants EVERYONE to be GREAT!" *MELT* Love this child.

scrappin' on my day off

I have saved today to scrapbook. I am so far behind, it's not even funny. Seriously. There are several reasons for this.

A. Sometimes I have to take a hiatus from scrappin' b/c the creative bones have left my body and I need to give them time to return.

B. I am busy making bows for people ordering them, for gifts, or for Brynn.

C. I am busy making other little gifts for all the babies...which I need to return to soon b/c I have about 4 things I need to work on.

D. I run out of something important I need to do the scrapbook pages, such as adhesive or a re-fill.

E. I am busy with school or correcting papers...which I am still behind on...what's new?! LOL

Regardless of my lack of keeping up, I was working on Bee's first bday pages today. I have 3 double layouts done (w/ exception of journaling on one page) and prob. 2 more layouts to go b/f it's finally finished. That will mean that Bee's first year is ALMOST complete. Now I only have left her 2nd year, 3rd year and of course, all of Baylen's first year. Phewwww...

I also have been scrapping pages inbetween the two kids, so like I did our matching shirts one not that long ago, and some zoo layouts as well. I only try to buy things for the pages I am currently working on or want to work on next. The next set of pages after bday will probably be rest of zoo pics, and then on to ice skating last year and time spent on the farm in Iowa the summer before Bee turned 1.

Soooo much to do!

The cupcake layout: I used the Celebrations Cricut cartridge and used several cupcakes size 2 cut out in various paper colors. thanks to Meghan P.'s advice, I used Martha Stewart's glitter glue and then sprinkled some glitter on each cupcake. This gave it a really cute, sparkly look. Thanks for the tip! I also used the same cart. to cut out various "tag" sizes and then used different die cuts and other embellishments as well.

Torin's Bday Party

Brynn went to her friend, Torin's bday party yesterday. It was at the same J.G. place as B. had hers, so she was super excited to return to jump, climb, swing, zip line, play games, and more.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Pants on the Ground

LOVED THIS on AI the other night. Couldn't stop giggling. :) Did y'all see it?!

ahhhahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa LOVED IT!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mister Whineypants, Mister Chatty, Mister Pottyman

Lots of stages going on with Mister Mister:

Mister Whineypants has made his appearance. He whines. He cries. He's drama to the max. This is my son. Mister Mister has been crying nearly everyday when I drop him off at daycare. He's fine a few minutes later when I leave, but I hate that he's been doing that lately. When he gets angry, he drops to the ground and lays there bawling his eyes out. Sometimes, I have to walk away and ignore it. Sometimes, he has to sit on the steps at home until he stops crying or throwing his fit. Sometimes he has to go to his room and he can come down when he's done. Stubborn is his middle name. He is soooooo stubborn it drives me nuts. Thank you Daddy--this is who he inherited it from.

Mister Chatty: he's talking up a storm and often repeats everything he hears out of anyone's mouth. He tries to speak full sentences but sometimes it's hard to understand every word he says. He's getting better. He can ask for things at the table. He can tell us what he wants. His favorite words: "Want Snack" and "choklatt milk!"

Mister Pottyman: he asks to sit on the potty often. He's been sitting on it at school for awhile now, but only had a few times when he's gone. It was pretty exciting that he went potty last night before his bath! He was SO proud of himself. It's been awhile since he's gone, so we were all doing the potty dance. :0) We'll keep our fingers crossed that he'll keep going!

Mister Independent: he wants to to everything himself. He thinks he's 3 and not almost 2. He thinks he can dress every part of his body. He can put on his pants and can take them off. He can take off his coat and he can take off his shoes. He THINKS he can button, connect the zipper on his coat, put on his own shirts, put on socks and even put on his own pull-ups or diapers. he also thinks he can walk ANYWHERE by himself. This gets to be a bit trying at times b/c he can't do as much as he thinks he can and when I tell him or try to help him, he gets so angry and demands to do it himself, which often takes five times as long and it's still not done. He is bound and determined to do everything himself. I believe this is the strong will that the second child possesses.

And he's eating meat which is weird b/c he never liked it before. We keep telling him it's "Papa's meat" and then he asks, "Papa's meat?" and eats it!! haha

2nd Birthday party plans are in the works. It appears we'll be doing a John Deere theme for #2. :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Matching Outfits

I don't get to match their outfits very often, but this is one of my favorite matches so far. We found these at Costco when school started at such a great price. I should have bought them for everyone I knew for gifts but wasn't thinking at the time. I love little outfits like these b/c they are so versatile, stylish, and durable. They wash well and wear well.

Funny Convo #778

Kati--I love your "Ty-isms" funny convo title and I am seriously thinking about stealing it and naming mine Brynn-isms b/c it's so cute.


Before we went to visit Megan and the girls, I had a convo w/ Brynn.

Me: Brynn, are you excited to go see Lydia and Herky the weiner dog?
Brynn: Yeah! Does Herky have a weiner like Baylen?
Me:, honey, Herky is called a weiner dog b/c that's a kind of dog. His body is long like a hot dog weiner.
Brynn: Oh. We don't say weiner out loud, right momma?
Me: You're right, honey.

Build A WOLF

Brynna recieved a Build-A-Bear gift card from Uncle Paul for Christmas, so we went to the mall today so she could pick out a stuffed animal and have some fun experiencing the BaB Factory for the first time. She loved it and spent a lot of time debating what animal she was going to choose. She had a bit of a hard time understanding that you had to pick an "empty" animal and then go over and stuff it, so I took her over and showed her other kids who were getting their animal stuffed and then I think she got it. She ended up picking a wolf to stuff. She informed us it was a GIRL wolf, not a boy wolf. The girl who was stuffing it for her had her kiss the heart, put it on her mouth, eyes, ears, (to get the heart pumping and to help the wolf hear, see, taste, etc.). Then Bee spent some time picking out an outfit for miss wolf. She finally picked out some pink and white tennis shoes and a jogging suit. The lady at the checkout counter gave her pink hair bows to put in the wolf's ears--adorable. She just thought that was so much fun that her wolf got bows! So then we had to decide on a name for wolf and get a birth cert. printed out. She decided to name her Laney. Kind of a calm name for a wolf, but she picked it, nonetheless.

She is head-over-heels for Laney the wolf and guess who's sleeping with her tonight?!

Also, we saw a cool idea: a little girl had her BaB box and inside was just the unstuffed animal. Santa had brought her the unstuffed one for xmas and she was SO excited to take her puppy in to be stuffed and pick out an outfit. I thought that was a really clever idea!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Resolutions 101

Every Year I have a Ton of resolutions and some of them I actually accomplish, while others I never get to.

1. To continue working out and staying fit. Last year, I set a goal to lose some weight and get rid of the flab. That was a success. I have been working hard on this and seeing some great results. Because I stuck with it, I weigh only 2 pounds more than I did when I was a senior in high school! It's awesome. I took a break over holidays and now it's time to get back on the horse.

2. To work on cooking and eating healthier foods. This goes for myself and my family. We are pretty good w/ the kids making sure they get all of the food groups, but Dj and I need to work on this.

3. To be more patient with my children. I need to work on this. The tantrums and the whole "not listening thing" from both B & B are starting to drive me nuts. As we teach Brynn when she gets frustrated to STOP BREATHE and THINK, I need to follow suit.

4. To pay off my credit cards. I didn't have any balances that long ago and well, now I do. So I need to get the smaller two paid off and pay down the other one.

5. To become more of a minimalist. Seriously. We have so much stuff. We do purge regularly to Goodwill, but honestly, we could purge more. Or, I could. This is going to be really hard for me to try this.

6. To go to church more regularly.

7. To get a babysitter more often than we do. We need some US time away from the kids. When we don't have any grandparents to drop them off at, it can become overwhelming sometimes to feel like you never have time alone with your hubby.

8. To drink more water. I don't drink near enough.

9. To really work on seeing and appreciating what's in front of me, right now. Sometimes I get so caught up in work, stress, life, whatever, and forget about who and what is most important.

Flood in the building

Today, the fire alarm went off unexpected during 3rd period. I have planning, so I was annoyed b/c it wasn't planned, which meant a student must have pulled it as a joke. Although, that doesn't really happen anymore b/c we have cameras everywhere around our school. So then I thought it must be the boiler that set it off. The reason? Well, we have not had ANY heat in our building all week. It's been so cold. At times, it even felt like cold air was blowing on us. I was telling everyone I was going to wear a snuggie to school the next day b/c it was so cold. I was right; the men were there today fixing the boiler when all of a sudden, it got too hot and set off the fire alarm. About a minute into the alarm going off, I open my door to see the classroom directly across from me dripping water from the ceiling. Then, a huge gust of water falls from the ceiling and it's pouring out. SHIT. A broken pipe. Right across from my classroom. I have a lot of computers. digital cameras. all sorts of books in crates from my different classes on the floor. I run over to the phone to call the office but realize she won't hear me w/ loud fire alarm. I email her EMERGENCY and type as fast as I can. I run outside and find an admin with a radio and tell them there's water everywhere. We run back to my building and as we open the door, water is still seeping out and now, the ceiling is falling on the ground. It smells. It's spreading down the hallway. It spread into my room. SHIT. I run in and start picking up everything off of the floor. Cords, book crates, filing crates, yearbook program in a box, etc. Now it's seeping into my carpet. SHIT. Finally a janitor comes. Then the firemen. Then the district workers. The firemen assess the situation. Janitor crawls on roof. Janitor shuts off water. District men shut off the heat (wait...but we didn't have any to begin with...) and FINALLY like 20 minutes later, they are taking the little squiggy (sp) thing and starting to push the water out of the building. Yuck. Finally they start pushing it out of my classroom.

The bad news: I was wearing my new gray boots. They got wet.

The good news: they are having floor crew in tonight to clean our carpets right away.

The bad news: they probably won't replace the front floor carpet in our building despite the nasty ass water that soaked in and it will dry, smell horrible and then get moldy.

The good news: they replaced the ceiling tiles already.

The bad news: this is the 2nd time we have had a leak from that pipe.

The good news: It's Friday tomorrow and nothing was ruined.

Gotta love days of unexpected surprises.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Eating Icicles

Of course, we had to try an icicle when we were playing outside in the snow. Bee tasted it several times, without saying a word. All of a sudden, after her 3rd or 4th lick, her eyes lit up and she exclaimed, "Mom, it tastes just like water!"


Sorry Dad, I had to post these...

So this is what happened when my father tried to sled down the big pile of snow. haha Don't worry, he didn't really get hurt that badly, it's mostly an act to make B & B believe he was injured. As you can see, Bee is not real concerned. Haha he's a funny guy.

He did fall off the sled though. It was a steep hill.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hudson's Party

Brynn and I went to her friend, Hudson's birthday party yesterday. They had a great time making their own pizzas, decorating their own cupcakes, playing pin the tail on the donkey, and breaking open a pinata.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We didn't get to go to Christmas Eve or Christmas Day mass because of the terrible snow and ice. So the kids did not get to wear their holiday attire. :( This may be a case where we have to wear the same outfit next year if they can still fit into it.