Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rocker Girl

Check out the coolest skull bows around! :)

Climbing stairs

This little guy will climb the stairs every chance he gets. If the gate is not pulled across, he's climbing in an instant!

Also, fun news: Baylen took SIX steps ON HIS OWN yesterday when we got home from school/daycare. He is Soooooo close to walkin'!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Weekend!

Who are you rooting for in the SuperBowl this weekend? I am definitely hoping the AZ Cardinals pull out a win. The Steelers already cheated their way to one SB win when they supposedly beat the Seahawks. So hopefully this game will be fair and the refs will not favor the wrong team.

Dj is still fighting through this pneumonia thing, which really sucks. I can't even imagine how he must feel. Every time he coughs, I can tell it's so painful. I am taking both kids on my own shopping to the outlet mall tomorrow for awhile to give him some time to rest or relax.

Baylen seems to be getting over his ear infection. The meds are all gone and he has a check-up w/ Dr. D. on Monday afternoon. HOpefully all is well. His little mouth is breaking out from all of his slobbering and teething going on. His teeth are growing in by the minute, it seems. He has been sleeping wonderfully this week. That's all I'm going to say about that.
BTW: Did you notice his shirt says "I'm Irresistible" and his whole top is full of slobber? love it.

Brynn also seems to be getting over her cold as well. She's been in good spirits, just tired early on after we get home from school. She has been recognizing the color red all week and I'm loving it. I can't take any credit for her knowing orange, green, or yellow, BUT I totally taught her red and I am so proud of her. We kept working and working on it for several days, and she has it down. It's awesome. She seems to know blue too, but I'm going to be testing that color this week to see if she really does know it or just got lucky the couple of times I asked her. :) She has gone potty on the potty chair a couple of times on her own at home this week, which is a big step, and once or twice at daycare. Hopefully that will continue.

The kids at school have been squirrelly this week. Really. Today was bad, especially 6th period. Come to find out, there was a BIG fight scheduled over at the lake next door. I guess it was going to be between a couple of high school kids. There were about 100 cars there after school and then the police showed up and I think the crowd dissipated. I think that many of our kids were getting texts and stuff b/c you could just feel it in the air that something was going down/going on. I forget how much I dread the spring with 8th graders. Seriously they end up acting like they're from another planet by the time June rolls around. Not all of them act this way, but quite a few. I've had it up to here with about 6 boys in my 6th period class. They are enough to make me want to lose it. I pulled all 6 after class yesterday and told them I was done with them. They needed to figure it out and fast. If they continued to come into class and screw around, I was going to call their mothers and let them know about their immature behaviors. They were better today but not great. I know the fight situation never helps. I sent one kid out on a think time today so hopefully that sent a message loud and clear. Ugh I am so DONE with immature little boys. I guess I'd rather deal with that than the nasty behaviors that some students exhibit in other classrooms. This, I can handle. They will fear me if they don't knock it off, though. haha. I used to be such a nice teacher back in the day. But, the last few years, I don't put up with shit. We just don't have the time. When I am teaching kids who have reading levels below the 8th grade, we have serious work to do and only 55 minutes to get it done a day. It's all business. I have to get these kids ready for high school, hopefully college, and the real damn world. For those little boys of mine who are still immature in a few years...yikes...the real world will be a rude awakening for them. I told one of my crazy boys a few days ago that he better figure it out because high school girls don't like immature little boys. I think he got the hint. At least I hope so.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Proud Owner

Of a NEW MacBook Pro. :) whooohooooooooooo!!! Can't wait to start using it and testing out the new iLife '09. Mary, when do you want to strike a deal?! Comment, girl!

I am a Twilight junkie

I am addicted to the phenomenon that is the Twilight series. When the book first came out, I was reluctant to pick it up, but as I heard more people talking about it, I decided to read it and see for myself. I was pleasantly surprised and found myself hooked not long after opening the front cover. It was a fabulous read. Now I feel I am definitely experienced in the young adult reading world, as I try to read at least 10 YA books a year or more, which I fit inbetween my adult selections. One summer I read almost 30 YA books. (This was pre-kids, mind you.) This has, hands down, been one of the best I've read in awhile. I totally get why the girls in my class are loving the series. It's everything they want for themselves--a boy who adores them for who they are, who can save and protect them from anything, who is great looking, strong, and mysterious. It's a love story for modern day romance junkies. And the way I picture Edward...who wouldn't want a piece of that?! haha

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Proof that they do get along

I actually have some photos of B&B playing together and getting along without fighting over something. A miraculous day! haha In this sequence of pictures, Brynn was cutting up food for Baylen and he was eating it. This was definitely one of those mom melt moments. So cute. What I need to do is get some pics (or try to) of the two of them fighting b/c it can get pretty heated. Now that would be comical.

Brynn ♥'s her Elmo Live!

Brynn really has been enjoying playing with her Elmo Live she received from Santa for Christmas this year. She just laughs at the things he does and says. I have to admit, this Elmo is pretty cool. I had reservations, but after seeing all that he says and does, and the way he moves, it is a pretty cool toy. (Dj took part in some of the convincing.) He has a stool he sits on when he tells a story. It's pretty funny. If you don't set the stool under him b/f he sits down, he falls over and says, "Uh oh! Elmo fell over. Can you help Elmo up?"

Monday, January 26, 2009

New Furniture

We decided to buy a toy box this weekend b/c we have WAY too many toys. IT has been such a relief to have more space in our downstairs now that we have storage for the bigger toys. Baylen has already learned how to open it. The kids love it. As you might notice, Baylen's face is all broken out b/c he's teething again. Poor little Mister's face was just all rashy tonight when we got home from school/daycare. I wonder what tooth is coming next?

Remember When...

did any of you read the Mr. and Miss books? I did all the time when I was little! My favorite was Mr. Messy. I love all the Junk Food tees, dresses and clothing they're about throwback!

Playing Doctor

Brynna loves playing doctor to everyone, including Cammy and her babies. Thanks, Auntie Mary for the Dr. Kit..she plays it it often! We're still working on figuring out where to put the 'scope to listen for the heartbeat...

The Sick House

That should be the name of our home right now b/c everyone has some sort of illness he or she is fighting. Brynna is fighting a cold and cough she's had for over a week now. Her nose has been running non-stop. Baylen is fighting an ear infection--he's on antibiotics for a few more days. I have some sort of terrible cough/sinus thing going on that is n-a-s-t-y. First I had some sort of achy stuff for a couple days, it went away and then it came back. I just can't kick this cough and my voice is on the outs for the second time since December. In the meantime, Dj fell with the case of the achy-s and eventually got so bad by the end of the weekend that he went to the Dr. today and found out he had pneumonia. He has some antibiotics and should be feeling better in a couple of days we're hoping! I'm thinking that next year Dj and I will definitely get the flu shot. This is the first year I haven't had one and I'm suffering!!! I feel like I can't remember a year when I have been sick this often. BLah! We are one sad bunch right now!

Friday, January 23, 2009

I wish

1. Dj and I could have gone to hear a colleague's Hawaiian band play tonight down at a local bar.

2. Dj and I could get over these bad colds.

3. I would have known about the band 2 weeks ago and then I could have arranged a babysitter.

4. I wasn't so tired all the time.

5. My daughter would decide to go potty in the potty chair. All I'm asking for is once a day. That's consistency, right?

6. My son would sleep through the night...2x a week is all I'm asking for.

7. Those new pants I bought from GAP (new spring collection) would go on sale again so I can buy ANOTHER pair b/c I ♥ them.

8. I had more time in the day to get things done.

9. Friday Night Lights was on more than once a week.

10. The house would pick up itself.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


We're thinking of you and glad everything came out okay with your tests. XOXOXOXOXO

update on Baylen

Baylen had his 9 month appt. a little was on Monday. He weighed in at 23 pounds, 15 ounces and is 29 3/4 inches tall. He was in 90% percentile for both height and weight. We talked to his Ped. about him waking in the night for a bottle and Dr. D. said some kids just need more food and can't make it through the night without a little more milk. He said it was probably due to the fact that he feels fuller faster and then when his tummy is empty, he fills it back up, but does it in smaller amounts at night. So, I guess we'll just not worry about trying to break that habit anytime soon. He has a big blister on his top gum where is 2nd front tooth has broken through, (for a total now of 6 teeth) but it looks so sore. Dr. D. said that, too, was normal and to put some Orajel on it for relief. He discovered one of his ears looked red and bulging AGAIN so we have another round of Amox. to treat his 4th ear infection since he's been 6 months old. Dr. wants to see him again in 2 weeks and check his ears to make sure everything is healing and the infection is gone. He also did say that perhaps the infections could be related to his teething since he gets one every single time he is getting new teeth. Poor kid! :( He has taken a couple of steps on his own from our table to the couch, so it's only a matter of time b/f he's walking. This kid has no fear.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


was amazing. It left me in awe. It brought me to tears. It made me proud to know that I was a part of this grassroots movement. Today is a new day. Today, I am hopeful for a better tomorrow and a better America.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Thanks April, for letting me know how and where you did this to make my own. :)

Interested in making one yourself:

Saturday, January 17, 2009

First Haircut

Brynna had her first haircut on Christmas Day at my Grandma Ruth's house. My Aunt Sharon cut it for her/me because I thought if she had a little trim, it might shape it up a little more. Sharon trimmed the edges of her hair to even it out and cut her bangs. I guess, it was more of a trim than an actual haircut. However, it made a HUGE difference. :0

Friday, January 16, 2009

Miss Bee

I haven't posted about Brynn in awhile, so I thought I should take some time and write about her for a few minutes. She seems to be doing well so far with her big girl bed. However, there are nights we have found her lying on the floor next to our bed on a pillow. She doesn't wake us up and must come in and just lay down and fall back asleep. I am trying to figure out how to break this habit before it becomes something she thinks is okay to do on a regular basis. I don't want to close her bedroom door b/c I think it would get too cold in her room. I'm thinking putting a gate across their doorway so the door can still stay open would be our best bet at this point, but we're still debating what to do.

She is enjoying daycare and all of her friends. Every day she amazes us with something new she is learning. This week, she was using the word "earlier" in her sentences and it was so cute. Also, when I ask her if she is doing okay, she says, "I'm fine, mom." This week she has started asking "Why?" after EVERYTHING I say.

Here's a sample conversation from earlier in the week:

Me: "Brynn, we need to pick up your toys."
B: "Why?"
Me: "Because we always pick up your toys before we take a bath."
B: "Why?
Me: "Because we need to pick up the living room."
B: "Why?"
Me: "Because I said so."
B: "Oh. Okay."

Then later the next day:
B: "Mom, I want you to open this."
Me: "Why?"
B: "Because I said so..."

She continues to be the regulator of Baylen's every move and lets us know when he is doing something she doesn't like or doesn't think he should be doing. She has her moments of sharing everything with him and then times when she will share NOTHING and start fighting with him. Sometimes she does well with using her words instead of reacting physically, but other times. she'll hit, and has even bit him lately on his hand to get him to drop a toy he took from her. We have had many conversations after a time out about Baylen and the fact that he's a baby and she can't hit him, bite him, or hurt him because he's so much younger than her. Of course, all she sees is the fact that he's the same size as her. Who would have thought fighting would happen so early?

She loves playing with all of her new toys she received at Christmas time and is still into her baby dolls, especially her Baby Alive dolls. She enjoys all art-related activities like painting, coloring, stickers, and playing with play-doh. She also enjoys her Little People toys and her play food and kitchen. She is learning how to dress herself, and can put on her own pull-up or big girl underwear when we practice wearing it, and she can put on her own pants. She is working hard on the potty training and some days we have success, while others, I feel like we're back to square one. She still loves to sing and we sing songs all the time together or she'll just start belting out something on her own. Her favorites currently are "Baby Bumblebee" and some monkeys swinging from a tree song where an alligator comes and snaps them out of the tree. She continues to enjoy all books and being read to and counts to five using each finger appropriately on one hand.

I think Dj and I laugh so often because there's always something funny coming out of her mouth. She's quite hilarious.

Baylen's favorite pet

is Zoey dog. Zoey is my parents' dog and she is such a great addition to our big family. She is so good with kids and loves attention. And Baylen LOVES her and lets her lick his face whenever she wants as long as he can get in a few good pets now and then.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

4 Generation Pics

Here are a couple of pics of 4 generations we took in Iowa.

Baylen and His Girlfriend, Lydia

Don't they make a cute couple?!

THe many faces of Baylen


Friday Night LIghts is going to be back on NBC tomorrow night! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Love this show!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Broom Crew resurrected

Picture this:
a bunch of teachers dressed in old basketball uniforms dancing to Usher holding a mop. Yep, I am proud to say I was a part of this craziness.

So a few years ago, we (teachers and staff at school) formed a group we named the Broom Crew. We created a routine that involved dancing with mops and then half way through the routine, we'd ditch the cleaning tools and perform a hip hop number. All of this took place during the half times of basketball games. The kids just loved it and thought it was hilarious. The first time we did this, we used the song "Yeah" by Usher. I was a big part of the planning, esp. when it came to choreographing the hip hop part and we had a TON of fun.

After that year, everything just got kinda crazy, including parts of our admin, and things just got to a point where no one was really interested in having fun b/c everyone was being stretched to their limit and there was a lot of stress based on things happening (or not happening) with discipline and other issues that I would rather not discuss here.

Well, my friend Teri decided to try and get the Crew back together for another year laughing and fun. I immediately began working up some ideas for a routine. I had the exact song in mind we'd dance to (Chris Brown's "Forever") and some thought about what I wanted the set-up to be and how I'd plan out how people would stand/what we would do. I also had some ideas for some choreography for the hip hop part. I put something together that I thought really worked, and with the help of Get Up and Dance off of OnDemand, I think we really have a COOL routine. So, when I showed the routine to some of the ladies who would be dancing with me, they thought it was really neat. SOme were concerned they wouldn't be able to handle the hip hop moves, but I assured them it looked harder than it really was.

Our first performance will be in early March and I can't wait! Our Principal and Vice Principal are going to be dancing with us, which is going to be so great b/c the kids really love these two guys. The kids are just going to freak out when they see this! It will be too funny to see some of these women trying to shake it but we all just laugh our butts off and have so much fun. I am going to have one of my students record it on my camera when we dance so I can post it up here b/c I guarantee you'll laugh and maybe even pee your pants when you watch it. It's awesome! :) The best part is we keep it a secret from the students and we build it up all month telling them they better be at the game b/c there's going to be a HUGE surprise. ♥

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

10 Months Old

Who would have thought I'd be posting this 10 month old blog already?! In two short months, my son will be a year old. I just cannot fathom where the time has gone. I swear that after we had Baylen, he grew up faster than I ever imagined he would. Is it because we have been so crazy-busy with two children so close together in age?! Most likely.

Our little Mister is so close to walking. He's pushing the stroller, Brynn's trike, and his push toy everywhere and grinning from ear-to-ear. He's standing for longer periods of time each day.

He tries to climb the stairs (and can make it to the top) every chance he gets.

He has another tooth, which came this weekend! It is his top/front left tooth. This means he's now up to 5 teeth. He still looks like a little vampire though, with his side teeth growing in more and more each day.

His sleep patterns are all screwed up lately. It's b/c we went to IA, then came back, then switched beds and mattresses. Dj switched his mattress back to his former one and last night, he did much better. There have been probably 6 nights this past month he's slept through the night. This is HUGE for him and us.

He is starting to slim down. Believe it or not, it's true. His waist is so long and skinny and a lot of his pants are too big in that area. His legs are still chunky-monkey, but even his hands, FEET and arms have toned up/slimmed down. I can get shoes on his feet (size 4 and 5...thanks Parker!!)

He is enjoying more people food, and often, wants to eat what we're having instead of his baby food. He loves Ritz crackers and toast. He also enjoys french fries. (I know, real healthy choices there) He has recently started going into the dining room at daycare to try out eating breakfast with all the "big" kids and the past two days, and he's been doing very well.

Mr. Social. He's talking so much these days--just babbles all sorts of sounds, but lately has been saying "Ooooohhh" when something surprising or interesting happens, or when he discovers something new. It's really cute.

Can throw a ball and loves to play this game with Brynn when she isn't crabby about it being HER ball...even when they're playing with HIS ball she insists both are hers. But he just goes w/ the flow.

He shakes his head no and waves "hi"

He signs "all done" when he's finished eating and FREAKS if we don't get him washed off right that second!

Screeches and hangs on for dear life when Brynna tries to take ANYTHING from him. He has even learned to put his hand out and try and block her. This is way funny to watch.

Loves noise toys.

Is still a pretty easy-going kid. He rolls with it.

He has been enjoying listening to books more and more....but they have to be short or he's outta there.

He dances whenever he hears music. (LOVE IT) and he thinks he's the man whenever he's bouncing to the beat. He also bobs his head to the music while he's bouncing. So hilarious! My little Justin Timberlake haha

Each day I just see more and more how he is growing out of his little baby stages. My "little" baby days with him are ending so soon and it's so not fair! I remember experiencing this feeling with Brynn and not really knowing how to move past my beloved months we spent with her as a baby girl. I guess I have to keep reminding myself that once they turn one, our little ones surprise us with something new nearly every single day--they are like little sponges and that is a whole lot of fun too. And by age 2.....all I can say is HILARIOUS.LITTLE.PEOPLE.

First mohawk

Here is Baylen's first mohawk! :) finally he has enough hair!

I know....

my header doesn't match my new background theme. Working on this tonight...

Monday, January 12, 2009

A new bed!

When we were staying w/ my parents in Iowa, Brynn slept on a fold-away bed and did really well on it the entire vacation. She told us she was ready for a "big girl" bed, so we decided when we returned home, we would go and look and see what we could find for her. Her crib converts into a toddler bed, and we have the kit, but we decided to go ahead and by a little bed and keep her crib. Baylen would then move to her crib and she'd get the new bed. When we picked it out, she was smiling and once we brought it up and Dj started working on it in her room, she was grinning from ear-to-ear. She was so excited and kept picking up screwdrivers and other tools trying to help Dj assemble it. When it was finished, she went over and "rested" for a few minutes. She's been doing pretty well sleeping in there at night, but because Baylen has NOT been sleeping very well the past few nights, she tends to wake up every so often when he wakes up.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

This is what happens when...

your 2-year-old finds a tube of Calleigh's diaper paste and mistakes it for face cream.

Happy New Year..a little late

We rung in 2009 with the best company. I only have a couple of photos b/c the rest are on Dj's good camera. Anyway, here are 2 and we had the best time at Megan's house seeing you all. (Abby, Brian, Nikki, Klas, Bekkah, Amy R., Heather R., Megan, Kevin, Lydia, Amanda (baby girl), Jason, Wookie, Amy and Miss Ashley). It was a really fun time. I think I drank..wait...I KNOW I consumed too many drinks, but I guess it had been awhile since I had done that...a LONNNNNNG while. We celebrated without our children and it was nice to have a little night off and just be adults and have adult fun. I felt like I had so much more time to talk with everyone and not feel like I was constantly running after a child. :)

I have made a few New Year's resolutions and I hope they will stick.

1. Continue to lose weight. I have done a good job thus far, weighing a little less than I did before I was pregnant w/ Brynn. But I would like to lose about 5 more pounds and tone up, esp. in my tummy area. I will continue to work out 3 days a week or more after school. I've been mostly running on the treadmill and lifting weights.

2. To find a massage therapist. My insurance pays for like 40 a year....I need to get on this!!! I think this will help with stress levels and

3. To buy a Wii Fit. I have some of the $ I received from Christmas, so I'll continue to save until I have enough or until has them in stock again. This will allow be to work out more at home on the weekends.

4. To try Yoga. The Wii Fit should help with this a lot, but my main reason for trying this out is because I need to really work on stretching out my muscles and body more. I have noticed the older I get, the stiffer and more sore I become after working out or playing vb or bb games. I also think if I stretched using Yoga that it would help my strength training and help me feel better.

5. To narrow my pop drinking to one a day. Right now I'm at two. This will continue until my son decides it is cool to sleep through the night 90-100% of the time. But it's still on my list.

6. To be more patient. I feel so tired all the time due to my child not sleeping all that well, that it wears me down and my patience levels are shot by the end of the day. It is not fair to anyone or anything I take it out on.

7. To just get a babysitter every once in awhile--like maybe once a month and go out with my hubs and do something with just the two of us. We do not do this hardly EVER.

8. To pay off my credit card. I need to work on not buying anything for myself or my kids for awhile until I get this paid off.

9. To enjoy each moment with my kids b/c it is just flying by. I don't always do gets in the way sometimes and I need to just stop and smell the roses more often than I have been the past couple of months.

A lot of resolutions, I know, but all of them are definitely doable.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Congrats, Katie and Dave!

I know it's been awhile since I've blogged, but we've been extremely busy! This past weekend was Katie's wedding and it was beautiful. Katie is my best friend from elementary and high school. We have known each other and been friends for 25 years. She and I share many memories together--mostly memories that involve laughing! :) The Catholic church was in downtown DM and it was just gorgeous. Katie looked beautiful and everything fell into place. I was a bridesmaid in the wedding and we had a lot of fun. Despite the freezing rain, we all enjoyed The Rumbles' music, riding in the limo, and just being together for two days.

Here are just a few photos. For an entire album, check out Sarah's Gallery over here on My Favorite Links on lower right side of this page and you can see a whole lot more!