Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry WHITE Christmas

We definitely have a white Christmas this year. We had big travel plans all week that have been put on hold at this point due to crazy blowing snow, ice, and nasty driving conditions. :( However, we are making the best of it and celebrating as much as we can. The kids are enjoying their new toys and gifts. We are messing around about the house and later, I am going to help my g'ma wrap some presents. We will try to get back to traveling to see more family next week. I hope it cooperates for us.

We had no C. Eve church last night or today...cancelled. It was really weird not going to church.

This a.m., the kids rode in Papa's tractor around the yard helping to move snow. Baylen was in Heaven. :) This pic above is a pic from Christmas morning next to a big drift in front of my parents' house. BIG! LOL

We are so grateful for our beautiful children, our family and friends. Merry Christmas and today is a wonderful day to remind us who and what this day is really about! :)

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