Monday, May 16, 2011

Brynnisms #26 and Baylenisms #15

This was a funny conversation we were having on the way home today.

Do you ever have funny convos with your kids and think that something they said was super funny and then when you try to remember it later, your mind goes blank? Well, that's what happened to me today. CUE VIOLIN MUSIC.

Here's what I do remember about today's convo:

Me: Hey, guys, look at all this poop all over my car. I parked by a tree and the birds pooped all over my car today.

Brynn: What kind of birds? Was it a crow?

Me: IDK for sure.

Brynn: Maybe it was a robin.

Baylen: Crows have big poop. haha

Brynn: Eww! That's disgusting.

Bay: What do dinosaurs eat? Do they eat fish?

Me: Yes. And they eat other dinosaurs or plants.

Bay: Ew. That's disgusting. I don't like plants.

Brynn (matter-of-factly): Well, Eagles eat little bunnies. That's why we don't see any around. Because the eagles are eating them all.

Hmmm no wonder we haven't seen any bunnies around lately.

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