Wednesday, June 1, 2011

They are so big

A mom at our daycare is trying to open her own photography business and spent some time taking a bunch of pictures to jumpstart her business. She did such a great job. Anyway, the parents loved all of the pics and she was able to capture each of the kids and their personalities. Love these two she took of the kids.

Pretty soon, they will be home w/ me for the summer. Lately, B2 has been spending a lot of time just messing around w/ each other: wrestling, jumping off of things, jumping on beds, hiding under blankets, throwing stuff, and just messing around. It's funny to watch it happen but also grinds on my nerves when I stop them from doing something and then five minutes later, they have moved on to mess around w/ something else.

They are pretty funny and have so much to say about everything and anything. It's so fun to listen to their conversations and intuitions about the world and how they think it works.

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