Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Brynnisms #20

This girl: so analytical these days...

Me: Brynn, what are you going to take for Show and Tell this week that starts with a C?

Brynn: Hmmmm....how about a cow?

Me: Yes, that would work. What else could you take?

Brynn: Hmm...how about a cah-cah-cah-car? That starts with the letter C.

Me: True, but don't you think one of the boys will bring that?

Brynn: Yeah...hmmm...I know! How about cah-cah-cah-Cammy our cah-cah-cat?

Me: She does start with the letter C and I bet no one else will bring a real cat!

Brynn: Yeah, but will she stay in the car? Does she like to ride in the car? What if she tries to jump out?

Me: True..maybe we better leave her at home.

Brynn: Yeah...but then can we bring Zoey cah-cah-cat instead?


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