Friday, October 15, 2010

Sassy Pants

"But Mom, they aren't leggings, they're PANTS!"
"Brynn, are you arguing with me again or are you making a statement?"
"I'm making a statement!"

Brynn turned 4 and with that came a whole lot of sass. Seriously, overnight, she has turned into this little Miss Opinion about Everything and acts like a little Miss Know-It-All. She will argue with me about EVERYTHING just to argue, I swear. I will ask her or tell her to do something a certain way and she will argue and tell me she needs to do it a different way even when she has no clue. We are threatening the Sassy Sauce much more often these days and eventually, I'm going to have to follow through on that.

She cares about what she wears. She cares about how her hair is pulled up or what bow to put in. She has an opinion on the shoes she wears and which toothpaste she wants to brush her teeth with. She informs me what jewelry she'll put on and what presents to buy her friends for their birthdays. Sometimes she even tells me how to drive. Go figure.

Little Sassy Pants has also claimed perfection about a million times especially when it comes to comparing herself to her brother. This earned her the name "Miss P" and we will call her that now and again and she gets a little irritated, but I think she understands that it's not always okay b/c Baylen is a different kid than her.

Brynn has many funny expressions and uses them whenever possible, such as "I'm bored." or, "This is boring!" Seriously? Thanks, older kids at daycare! LOL At the dinner table, she's getting more vocal too, declaring things are "gross" or that she doesn't like them and won't eat them. Bee claims things are "so awesome!" and uses the phrase, "That's weird!" constantly. She begs me to tell her stories at night while she's lying in bed (mostly to waste time so she doesn't have to go sleep) so I will think of funny made-up stories to tell her. One night I told Brynnie a story about a frog family and after I finished, she goes, "Mom, that was a WEIRD story." LOL I was cracking up!

Miss P has rediscovered her love for puzzles, and now, she can put together 30-piece and some 50-piece puzzles. She is really good at figuring out how they fit together and seems more interested in them than playing games. Whenever we read books, I tend to ask her about the story at the end to make sure she's comprehending. Now, when I read, she will interrupt me in the middle of a page and make some statement about an observation she's having why something in the book doesn't make sense or inquire why it's happening in the first place. She's a thinker.

Finally, Miss Sassy and I have had some pretty interesting conversations about what she is learning in pre-school. She can tell me what they learned about and will also tell me if she answered any questions or if she volunteered to help the teacher. Last week, she was picked first to use the Smart Board, showing the kids how to match, and she was pretty excited about that. I told her I was so proud of her for being a good girl in pre-school and her comment, "I try really hard in school, mom." I'm not sure where that came from, but man, this girl is definitely a first-born child of mine. :)

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Anonymous said...

Ah a typical 4 year old girl. She is becoming more independent and engaging in all kinds of problem solving skills! Her demands for wanting to wear what she wants etc. reminds me of you at that age. I finally let you decide except in the winter time when you wanted to wear shorts etc. Actually, I took the summer clothes out of your drawer etc so we wouldn't get into a power struggle over what to wear!! Wait until she is five .....when children get into tattling on others and the skill of telling lies.
Love, mom