Monday, October 25, 2010


My son is throwing tantrums non-stop. All.of.the.time. It started about two weeks ago and hasn't stopped. It is driving me nuts. This child has been in multiple time-outs, sent to his room to cry it out, and still we are struggling. I gotta say I"m not liking this 2.5 age of his if this stuff sticks around. He kicks. He ignores. He screams. He cries super loud. He throws himself on the ground. He yells. He growls. He runs everywhere, bulldozes everything, and has forgotten his inside voice exists. Yep. Fun times. :0

I miss that ornery but sweet little boy from the photo above. :) Hopefully he'll come back soon.

Baylenism #3

Bay: "Mommy went to Iowa State. Daddy went to Iowa State. I want to go to Iowa State."

OH YES! :) No brainwashing there, this child came up with that statement on his own. Brilliant! :)


Tyler-Ashlee's Mommy said...

I 100% feel your pain :(

Crystal said...

I'll keep my mouth shut and count my blessings cause I've been super lucky w/ Blake! That is an adorable pic!!!