Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Girly Girl Party

One of Brynn's good friends from school, Colby, had her 4th Bday party at a nail salon. The girls had a wonderful time and B was so excited to get her nails and toes painted. It's been awhile since she has had the opportunity to go somewhere and have someone else paint her nails. She is a nail biter, so she didn't have many nails left on her fingers to paint. Nonetheless, she asked for pink nail polish and they were colored and she loved them for a few days until she chewed them away. I was hoping that the nail painting would encourage her to stop chewing and keep them nice, but not so much. She has been asking me to paint them again, so maybe she will come around to keeping them nice. She chose a fun glittery blue for her toes and has been proudly showing them off. Thanks, Colby, for a really fun party!

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