Sunday, April 10, 2011

Baylenisms #10 & #11

Sooo funny.

Today, Brynn has been kinda snippy and talking back. This shares a direct correlation to refusing a nap. Earlier this morning, I told her that she would receive some Sassy Sauce if her talking back continued.

Fast forward to dinner tonight. We're eating and everything is going fine. Then, Brynn starts to say, "Mom, it's your fault that I pee my pants when I sleep at night." Of course, I respond and explain that we don't blame others for things that are out of our control but in words she can understand. She doesn't agree and ends again with, "But it's your fault!"

Dj and I look at each other, smirk and continue to eat. Then Baylen adds,

"Mom, she's being demanding. I think she needs Sassy Sauce."

Well stated, sir. :)

Tonight at dinner...

Bay: Mom, what's that on your plate?

Me: It's an omlet. Eggs with peppers, cheese, ham and onions.

Bay: Oh. It has what's that called? Oh yeah...vegetables.

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