Sunday, April 10, 2011

Soccer Mom...I am not

Baylen's first soccer game occurred this past Saturday. I was excited for him even though my expectations were set pretty low considering his lack of wanting to practice during the week. He gets so excited about soccer when we talk about it and then we get there and he's way. Anyway, he wasn't so sure about it when he saw all of the adults there and kids playing, but slowly walked out w/ some gentle coaxing from his father and I. At first, he wasn't quite sure what to do but after the opposing team scored 3 goals on us in a row, he started to figure it out. He was learning how to kick the ball and figuring out which way to go. He was smiling and having fun. The kids on his team were all in the same boat, just trying to figure everything out. The other team killed us, but that is okay b/c all of our kids are playing for the first time. It's sort of not fair that you can write down other kids' names or coaches you prefer b/c then the same kids get on the same team every single time and play for 2-3 years in a row and just dominate everyone. I think it's only fair to place siblings together if they are in the same age group, otherwise, it would be more equal if they just randomly put kids on teams. Oh well.

We have one kid on our team who is pretty good and can score, but everyone else is still learning. Anyway, we're hoping that he will enjoy going to practice this week and look forward to the treats at halftime (his favorite part) and the big surprise treat at the end of the game. Last week at practice, Dj takes him out of the car and he runs onto the field, stops, turns around and says, "I'm tired. I wanna go home now!" LOL This kid!

I must admit that I really do not like soccer. Don't get me wrong; I LOVE sports. I love to watch them and I love to play a lot of them. But soccer is not on my list of favorite things. I don't like standing out there watching and I dislike it even more in the rain. The game on Sat. was cold (thankfully no rain) but just felt "wet' and somewhat muddy. Blah. I am thinking that t-ball might be something we could all be interested in next year...which would include Baylen and Brynn playing.


Crystal said...

Blake was sorta the same way last year with soccer, so we didn't sign him up for this spring/summer... but then yesterday playing outside he wanted to get his soccer net out and him and I ran around playing/kicking for a long time and he did GREAT (even stealing the ball from me)... figures.

Tyler-Ashlee's Mommy said...

This is the same thing we dealt with!

Anonymous said...

Does he sleep better at night after practice or a game? just wondering since he wants to be so active at home in the evening etc. I know the 3 year olds on Parker's team last year were really not into soccer as much as the fours and fives were. Gma Cindy