Monday, April 25, 2011

Brynnisms #25

All week, our daycare is having spirit week. Tomorrow is Princess/Hero Day. Brynn and I were discussing what she should dress up as and I was trying to convince her to wear a princess dress like her Tiana one or Rapunzel.

Brynn: Mom, I want to dress up as Wonder Woman instead.

Me: I thought you said you wanted to dress up as Tiana. Did you change your mind? Why? You could wear a crown w/ your dress if you were a princess.

Brynn: I want to be a hero instead.

Me: Are you sure? It might be kind of cold to wear that costume.

Brynn: Well, fine! I'm going to dress in an old BOOT then!

Me: Did you just say an old boot?!

Brynn: Yeah. An Old Boot. I'm wearing an Old Boot. So there!

She is so Miss-Know-It-All these days, I tell ya! :0

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Crystal said...

That is hilarious!