Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's a Zoo out there...

We returned to the zoo after a brief 1.5 year hiatus. It was fun to go back but not so fun when everyone decided to use their Groupon coupons the same weekend that we did. Parking was a nightmare. However, we were forced to find something down the way and ended up getting a spot nearby on a side street.

There was a dinosaur exhibit I wanted the kids to check out, as well as giraffe and elephant feeding. We missed the elephant feeding, but did catch the end of the giraffes. I tried to snap a photo of Baylen feeding the giraffe but he ran up there and fed it to him so quick, I couldn't get the picture in time. Brynn did the same thing but I was able to get it the second time she fed him. The kids enjoyed all of the animals, especially the lion, elephant and giraffes.

They were not too sure about the fake dinos and as you can see in the T-rex photo, that's as close as I could convince them to stand near him. They didn't understand he was a robot. LOL

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