Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Every kid needs a pair of these...

We had to stop by the Dollar Tree after work/school today to see if they had some paint for our pumpkin painting competition that's on Thursday. No luck, but, of course, these two always find something they think they need at this place. :) They were giggling up a storm this evening!

My Girls

These are my ASB girls and I at our formal dance in October. :) Our theme was Catch Me in a Dream...Liner :) (of course, it's aviation themed b/c well...you know!)

Her Favorite Outfit

Great Grandma Ruth: this is by far, one of Brynn's favorite outfits. She has worn it every week since she opened it. :) Thank you!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another first

I finally took a leap and signed up to sell my bows at a craft show which will be held at a nearby school in December. The entry fee was a bit expensive, so I hope there are enough people coming to the fair who will want to purchase my items. Now, I get to spend a lot of time crafting, crafting, crafting. I can't wait for the weekends! :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I finished my last class tonight and am officially done with my Master's Degree! It feels so amazing. :) 18 months spent reading, taking quizzes and tests, writing weekly papers, and posting on discussion boards. ALL DONE. :) NO MORE. I can't wait to get my degree in the mail.

Another accomplishment was running and finishing a 5K today in 28 minutes...fastest 5K to date and it was completely unintentional. A fun day, nonetheless.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Guess Who's coming soon?

YIPPEE! We are super excited!


I know there have been a lack of posts lately...super busy trying to finish up my Master's...THIS IS THE LAST WEEK!

It seems like the fall is always so jammed packed with activities, as we have something going on every single weekend. It's been exhausting. If it's not one or two birthday parties in a weekend, it's work stuff or a dance, or hanging out with friends.

The kids have their Halloween costumes ready, I just need to fix the length on both, try them on again, and make sure everything will work out the way we envision it. The kids are going to dress as another famous duo, and this time, after given several choices, they agreed upon a very FAMOUS duo. It will be cute if I can get their costumes to work out and fit correctly, since they are a bit big.

Brynn swears she has a loose tooth, and it's a little loose, but has a long way to go. I still think she's pretty young to have a loose tooth already, but perhaps that's denial talking.

The kids are coming home pretty tired at night after long days in pre-school and Pre-K, as well as dance. Brynn has outgrown naps for the most part, but does sneak one in on the weekends every once in awhile and about once a week at school. That has taken a toll on her and she's ready for bed quite early most nights. Both are waking up at the crack of dawn on the weekends, yet we can't pull them out of bed during the week...go figure.

Brynn just had three inches cut off...her hair was soooo long. It looks nice and healthy again. Baylen has been keeping out of trouble at school even though many of his male peers are still getting into trouble. I hope this continues and I am surprised he behaves so well at school.

Our first dance is this weekend and unfortunately, we had a big issue with the DJ. We don't have one for our semi-formal dance tomorrow night. It's a bit sad but in the end, the kids didn't work on it far enough in advance, and as a result, the rush to find someone else just didn't pan out the way we hoped. So, they are going to play music with iPods and dance mixes they put together on CDs. Hopefully it will all work out. I do feel bad about the whole thing, but there wasn't much we could do about it except learn from it and have them book DJs WAY in advance. The district has a set of guidelines that every business must follow and certain paperwork that needs to be completed, which includes a background check and finger printing...big process but after all of the child safety issues our district has had, it makes sense.

School has been absolutely CRAZY and I am trying to hang in there.

The hubs and I have been keeping up pretty well with our Y membership and exercising. D. has been running quite far, reaching over 7 miles in one run last week. He looks great! I am keeping a pretty steady pace around 4 miles but this week have had to scale it back to 3ish miles a run b/c I haven't had enough time to do more than that due to daycare closing and work commitments after school. We are running a 5K together on Sunday--our first.

I am signing up to sell bows in a craft show in December. I am excited to start crafting again on the weekends at night once the kids go to bed to prep for the show. My website was very busy in the early fall and I need some time to make more stuff.

A good thing that's coming up? VEGAS! :) Can't wait!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

He's loving it.

Baylen has been going to pre-school for the past month and is really enjoying it. His class is dominated by testosterone, so the teacher has to keep things moving and keep them busy. Apparently, there's been a group of boys who have been getting into trouble quite often and the director has had several meetings with their parents. Thankfully, Baylen has not fallen into that category (at least yet) and has been behaving/listening very well. It's weird because I have sort of seen this shift in him since he started pre-school--he's been acting out less, listening more, crying a little bit less at home, sleeping in his bed longer hours during the night, etc.

He loves writing his name and wants to write all of the letters. He loves to color and draw and is getting really good at coloring--for a 3 year old BOY, I am very impressed. He colors inside the lines almost every time now, which he is very proud of.

He moved into a new class in the fall with a new teacher. I wasn't sure how this transition would go, because last year, he loved Pricsila SO much and developed a big crush on her. He said he was going to marry her and was very protective whenever she was around. It was super cute. But, then he moved on to a new class and really liked Yancy right away. She's really sweet and has a lot of energy and patience and keeps those boys busy!