Saturday, October 1, 2011

He's loving it.

Baylen has been going to pre-school for the past month and is really enjoying it. His class is dominated by testosterone, so the teacher has to keep things moving and keep them busy. Apparently, there's been a group of boys who have been getting into trouble quite often and the director has had several meetings with their parents. Thankfully, Baylen has not fallen into that category (at least yet) and has been behaving/listening very well. It's weird because I have sort of seen this shift in him since he started pre-school--he's been acting out less, listening more, crying a little bit less at home, sleeping in his bed longer hours during the night, etc.

He loves writing his name and wants to write all of the letters. He loves to color and draw and is getting really good at coloring--for a 3 year old BOY, I am very impressed. He colors inside the lines almost every time now, which he is very proud of.

He moved into a new class in the fall with a new teacher. I wasn't sure how this transition would go, because last year, he loved Pricsila SO much and developed a big crush on her. He said he was going to marry her and was very protective whenever she was around. It was super cute. But, then he moved on to a new class and really liked Yancy right away. She's really sweet and has a lot of energy and patience and keeps those boys busy!

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