Friday, August 10, 2012

It's been a long time since I last blogged. It might be several months before I post again because it feels like life is starting to close in on me. After viewing our calendar for the next 3 months (Aug., Sept., Oct.), I noticed we are busy pretty much every weekend already with something going on...either for soccer, Brynn's school activities, my school activities, or birthday parties. EEK!

This summer has been really awesome. We spent about a month in Iowa and helped celebrate Mary's wedding, which is so much fun. We came back to WA only to find rain and grey clouds. Luckily, they only stuck around for about a week, and now, we are enjoying sunny, hot weather. The kids have enjoyed going outside, riding their bikes, playing whiffle ball, kicking the soccer ball, and shooting hoops. We've spent a lot of time working on reviewing our letters, reading, math skills, and writing so they don't forget too much by the time they start school. B2 just finished a week-long soccer camp w/ the Sounders, which they loved. I spent most days there working on curriculum planning while they played...just wasn't ready to leave them on their own quite yet. We went to Chuck E Cheese's last week, spent time at a fun beach birthday party, watched lots of Olympics & Big Brother, and just enjoyed the last few days before it's really time to get to work.

We start school on 8/30 and already I can feel my blood pressure rising. Seriously. I am teaching all LA this year, and this requires a revision of all of the curriculum so it not only meets the national Common Core Standards,(which most of it already did) but also, that it aligns with our new district scope & sequence, plus stays true to what we want our students to learn and walk away with by the time they finish 10th grade.

I am scheduled to meet with my partner teacher (who teaches 9th grade) on Monday and so far, I only have one unit finished. It is not easy to accomplish an entire year's worth of curriculum with children at home or when we're off running to soccer camp or working at school getting my room ready/working with ASB kids. *Sigh* In addition, somehow, I need to fit in time to meet with the new teacher who is taking my teacher partner's place (10th grade History) sometime before 8/30...when the hell is that going to happen???? I am feeling stressed already. Not cool. I guess that means this weekend, it's time to buckle down and figure this stuff out...

On the bright side, there's much to look forward to these next few months...I'll be going to Vegas with some of my girlfriends next weekend, which is going to be fabulous. We have been saving for a trip to Disney Land after Christmas, and the kids are so excited about it. We are planning another trip to Italy for Spring 2014 with students, and this time, Dj is hopefully going to join us. Dj's birthday is next week and I have planned for him to go on a personal (airplane) flight around Seattle. It's going to be amazing. The kids will be starting soccer soon and they are really looking forward to playing again. Brynn is starting Kinder soon. She's totally stoked. We have had a great summer...just can't believe how fast it's gone.

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