Saturday, February 6, 2010

Brynnisms Part IV

I pick up Brynn and Bay yesterday and she's upset.

B: "Mom, I got hurt today! Look at my bump on my head!"

M: "Oh my, lady, that IS a big bump..awww...what happened?"

B: "Torin and I went like this: kkkkkhhhhkk (her hands are in fists pounding each other) and we hit heads outside."

M: "Oh honey, that looks like it hurts. I'm sorry. Are you okay?"

B: "Yeah, but it still hurts, momma."

M: "We'll keep an eye on it, okay?"

***********LATER AT AZTECA********

We meet Dj there and sit in our booth.

D: "Bee, how was your day today?"
M: "She got hurt today, dad. Brynn, tell him what happened."
B: retells her story (same one she told me) "I'm having a rough day today!"

LATER in convo:

Yesterday she got in trouble at school for trying to choke her friend, Elsa. Elsa took a toy from her and she became angry so she decided choking her was a good option. Where she learned choking from, I am guessing is someone else she saw do it at school? Older child, perhaps? Anyway, we had a long talk on Thursday why choking is not okay even when you're angry at someone. We talked about other things we could do or say when someone upsets us, but choking was never okay. She promised me no more choking. So then at supper out last night she proudly announces to Dj and I:

B: "Mom, Dad, I didn't choke anyone today!"


Brynn playing with her horses and pretending they can talk: LOL
Horse 1: "but I wanna go to the park, mom (whiney voice)"

Horse 2: "Okay, you can go to the park."

Horse 1: "Yes! Thank you momma I am excited to go to the park."

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Bekah said...

"Mom, Dad, I didn't choke anyone today" that was definitely a good day. LOVE IT!!!