Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mister Mister is almost 2!

In about a month, my Mister Mister will be two years old. Holy smokes! This funny guy is full of surprises. I have much to update on him, but on another day when I have less work to do. His molars are coming in and that has its moments of tantrums and crying/whining spells. The up side is he is talking talking talking. He is stringing words together and very often, has 3-4 word phrases. His enunciation of words is still not always clear, but he is really trying. He also has a bit of a lisp. His favorite multi-word phrases are, "Mommy, I want snack!" and "No, I don't want to!" He calls his sister Brynnie all of the time, which is super cute b/c one of our good friends, Tami calls her that more than anyone else. He picked up on it and that's what he calls her. Constantly. Now Brynn only wants to be called Brynnie. :) My favorite phrase this week was when I was tucking him in bed, he said, "Mommy, want kiss goodnight!" AWWWW!

I love his cute little voice. He is a stubborn as a bull and is bound and determined to have things HIS way. He is super funny and silly and loves people to laugh at him. He can recognize and point out Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto and Daisy Duck. He likes Dora and Diego. He likes Sesame Street characters, specifically Elmo.

He is now sleeping in his big boy bed, which is still his crib but converted into a toddler bed w/ safety rails on the side. He likes to sleep it in upside down and that's fine for now. He loves his big boy bed and has been doing really well (slept 5 nights in a row in it without waking in the night) He is starting to have a few bad dreams at night, though, which means some nights he's in with us.

He loves to play with his trains, tractors, legos, and throw/kick balls. We bought him a Step 2 red motorcycle he can ride on/push with his feet for Valentine's Day. Best 20 bucks I've ever spent!

His facial expressions are so hilarious. He's really starting to figure out how to use his face in conjunction with his feelings or thoughts. Supppper funny!

He loves Chuck E Cheese b/c he can run wild in there! He loves reading books--looking at them himself, reading with his TAG Jr., reading with Brynn's TAG, and being read to.

His appetite has been REALLY good lately, which is new b/c he's generally a picky eater. He's eating a ton (including MEAT!) and growing so much. He is just a smidgen shorter than Brynn.

More on my Mister Mister later...

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Megan said...

Oh, what a cutie! I can't believe that he is almost 2!!!