Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Undies...kinda sorta

Mister Mister loves his new undies he received from Papa and Grandma Fitz. Although he is not going potty very much on the potty chair, he insisted he wear his new Lightning McQueen's! We put them on over his pull-ups and he thinks he's pretty special. At this rate, if he thinks this is how you wear undies, we'll never get him potty trained!! LOL He has to wear them over his pull-ups when he goes to bed too. hahaha He's so proud of them.

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The Lagneaux's said...

Sarah, he looks so big in this picture! I can't wait for Henry to wear big boy undies. He is telling us more and more when his underwear is wet. The fact that pull ups are so expensive is more incentive for us to get Henry trained, hahaha. I will have to check out what undies the stores have because Henry LOVES cars and Nemo big time! :)