Sunday, January 23, 2011

Poor Mister Mister!

Mister Mister was injured at daycare on Thursday. Dj called me and texted me and emailed me and so did our daycare director. Such is the life of a teacher who can't check her phone and sometimes email when teaching a class. That is definitely not good when your child gets hurt or is sick. I don't have a direct line to my classroom, so it's a bit inconvenient.

Regardless, let's talk about who matters here...MISTER! He was pushing a cart or a bike and tripped over his own feet (a common occurrence) while playing outside. Apparently he fell hard because he ended up scraping some fingers on one hand and on the other, it was much worse; he ended up cutting his fingernail in half...literally. Poor guy! I picked him up on Thursday and just gave him all of the sympathy he wanted. He was whining and wanted lots of love, so I gave him that and more.

We were finally able to convince him to let us remove his original band-aid and clean it up a bit and put on a new one. It was so swollen and looked so sore. :( Today, he seems a bit better and is using that hand more, although I bet it's still sore. Dj was able to pour some Hydrogen Peroxide on it and it really foamed up, so we knew it was starting to get infected. He took it like a champ (surprisingly) and hopefully that will allow us to clean it more often until the nail falls off. :(

I honestly don't know how this happened but he really must have fallen hard. The pictures above are nothing compared to what it looked like a couple of days looked pretty terrible.

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Anonymous said...

Ouch!! That looks like it really hurts! Poor Bayen! Love, Grandma Cindy