Sunday, January 2, 2011

Poop for Christmas?

Most people might grimace at the title, but I'll take it. When we arrived in Iowa, Baylen suddenly decided that he would start going #2 in the potty. Could this mean the end of poopy pull-ups and poopy underwear? I sure hope so! A couple of months ago, I purchased a big push Ambulance that lights up and makes sounds and told Baylen if he pooped all of the time in the potty, he could get that ambulance. When he saw it, his eyes lit up and he asked to open it. For days, he assured me that he was going to go poopy in the potty. That thing has been sitting on our mantle forever. Every day, Bay would ask me, "Mommy, can I have that ambulance?" And each day, I would tell him he could have it if he started pooping in the toilet.

It all happened when we were sitting in the living room chatting and the kids were playing. Out of nowhere, Baylen stood up and said, "Daddy! I need to go poop!" He ran to the bathroom and Dj quickly followed, even though he was feeling a lack of confidence b/c we've gone through this numerous times, all ending in no poop in the potty and instead, lots in his underwear. Low and behold, he asked his dad for "Pwrivacy" so Dj stepped out and he POOPED! Of course we did the poop in the potty dance, song, cheered, jumped up and down, screamed and laughed. He was the king of the world! With his birthday 3 months away, we felt very proud, although it re-affirmed that he's getting older and that second children definitely seem to grow up so much faster. I think as parents, we want things to get easier, but once they do, we are quickly reminded that some of those "baby years" are behind us and they are seeking more independence, which is not necessarily what we want, either. Needless to say, we've had numerous successful trips to the potty that resulted in flushing down a #2. Thank God! Merry Christmas to us! Baylen, this is the best gift ever!

And what do you think he asked immediately after he went #2? "Daddy, can I have that ambulance now?" :)