Friday, January 20, 2012

Baylenisms #650, 651

I lost track of what number we are on. This his is seriously the funniest kid EVER. Love his sense of humor!

Mister Mister loves to wear sweat pants. In fact, if it were up to him, he'd wear them every singe day. all day. 24 hours a day. He loves him some "comfy pants."

When we get home from school/work, he immediately asks if he can change into comfy pants. This day was no different.

B: "Mom, can I go change into some comfy pants?"

M: "Sure, just put your jeans in the dirty clothes."

He comes downstairs in sweats.

M: "hahaha You're such an OLD man!" (me teasing him)

B: "No, I'm a GOOD man!"


The next one happened quite some time ago when we were traveling back to Iowa for the holidays. We had just pulled up to the airport in the shuttle and were piling out, gathering all of our suitcases, etc. B2 carry little suitcases w/ wheels and attached to each one is a neck pillow. Baylen's frog pill kept falling out/off of his suitcase and I picked it up before we left outside of our house and told Baylen that this thing was going to fall off everywhere we went and it would be a problem for him. I smiled about it and he just grinned.

Anyway, we're outside of the airport ticketing area when Baylen grabs his little suitcase and starts pulling it toward the airport. All of a sudden, the froggy neck pillow falls off.

M: "Baylen! Grab your frog pillow, he fell off again."

B: Smiles Big, picks it up "Ugh! I'll just carry this DAMN THING!"

LOL I know I shouldn't laugh or even be proud of the fact that my Mister said "damn," but it was too funny. And I know he heard it from me. I am not always good about using clean language around my kids and I tend to use damn now and again. Yep...that kid hears everything.

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