Monday, January 9, 2012

The holidays are over

Top 10 2011 Holiday Memories (in no particular order)

10. It was so warm this winter, we played outside.More than once.

9. Mary found her BM and FG dresses!

8. The grandkids were able to spend some quality time together and had a lot of fun. Check out the cute ISU tutus I made for Calleigh and Brynn in one of the pictures below!

7. Everyone was spoiled this year!

6. I was able to catch up with some great friends!

5. We were able to see both sides of the family this year.

4. Dj and fit in time to exercise.

3. Kids were great on the flights to and from!

2. I read 3 books for pleasure.

1. We were able to cheer on ISU as a family even though they lost. Seriously...Steele Jantz? Ugh. I will never understand that decision.

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