Monday, May 31, 2010

Mister Mister-ism #1

This kid is going to be in the principal's office often, I have a feeling. He is just super goofy and funny and says so many hysterical things. Today in the grocery store, I took two small children with me grocery shopping by myself. That was mistake #1. I will NEVER do that again if I can help it. Yikes. It was terrible.

Anyway, there were some funny moments regardless of the fact that by the end of the HOUR shopping trip inside the grocery store, I was about to tear my hair out.

Convo #1:

After losing his shoe for what seemed like the 10th time...

Me: Baylen, sit down and let me put on your shoe and tie it.
Baylen: No Mommy, I do it!
Me: You can't do it and we need to keep shopping.
Baylen: No I do it!
Me: You're driving me NUTS, kid!
Baylen: No, you're driving ME nuts!

Convo #2
Let me preface this by saying B & B were arguing...

Baylen: Look, Binnah, a car!

Brynna: That's not a car. Baylen you don't know anything.

Baylen: Yes,!


Baylen: Mommy, is that car?

Me: Yes, honey, that's a car.

Baylen: See? I told yoooh, Binnah!


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Angela said...

My name is Angela. My friend, your cousin Melissa passed along your blog to me. I've enjoyed reading your -isms, as I can totally relate.

I also feel the pain of grocery shopping with mini ones. Just to let you know, we're all going through it and you're not alone! Shopping and kids just don't mix...especially when your 23-month old opens a 18-count box of eggs over your cart-full of groceries. It brought me to tears...literally crying over yogurt, water bottles, and cracked eggs. :)