Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Venn Diagram takes on a whole new meaning

My kids are reading Edgar Allen Poe short stories and interpreting poems. (in my beloved Honors class) This is my last year teaching the honors kids and I am sad about that. More than sad. However, I thought I'd share a cool activity I did w/ them a couple of weeks ago when we were comparing two short stories of Poe's. I decided to make a huge Venn Diagram on the floor and then have the kids work in groups to discuss the similarities and differences b/t the two stories, then write them on sentence strips and share out to the group. It worked out well despite the fact that my diagram is not exactly round. The kids focused on writing techniques, literary devices, and elements of fiction.

In lieu of all of the jaded thoughts I've been feeling regarding the proposed transformation of our school, our principal who is leaving told me he wished he could take me with him to his new elementary school. :) Quite a compliment, I'd say.

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chrissyrudd said...

Awesome Sarah! Moments like those where they get it make it so worth it! Sounds fun, interactive, and high level thought provoking. And it's always nice to be recognized by someone you respect! Hope your year is ending well, and your changes go smoothly.