Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Brynnisms #14

Let me preface this by saying that this was the 4th time I had asked her to put on her pajamas...

Me: Brynn, if you don't get your pj's on, I am going to put your Princess storybook up high and it will stay there for 2 weeks.

Brynn: Mom, will you hang it up on the wall really high and use tape to stick it up there?

(This is a really heavy/thick storybook, mind you...)

Me: :) Yes...

Brynn: (all chipper and seemed satisfied...) Oh. Okay! :)

I think I need to think of some more creative ways to motivate my children to listen...or maybe harsher consequences?? We are getting to that stage w/ both of the kids that no consequence seems to bother them when they are misbehaving or making a bad choice. I'm kind of at a loss. While they are not misbhaving all that much, they have both learned that not listening 90% of the time is now the "cool" thing to do. Argh.


Jaimee said...

Hey Sarah,
My ABA training says: You could try making them earn something (SMALL) for being good listeners. If consequences aren't working now, maybe a reward would- like getting to pick something for you to make for dinner, or some doo dad for you to make into a hair bow. They probably aren't listening b/c they really enjoy getting your goat for not listening. You have to start by going overboard- praising and rewarding (maybe with a sticker chart) every teeny tiny thing they listen too...even if you drop something on purpose and ask one of them to pick it up. And since you've got two of them and they are so close in age, when one gets a reinforcer (sticker, prize) then the other will also be totally motivated to earn it too. You should also give verbal praise along with the physical item- so that eventually you can fade the physical item and they will just be motivated to listen for the verbal praise.

Tyler-Ashlee's Mommy said...

Let me know what you find out as Tyler is in the same boat! Nothing works! Time Out definitely doesn't work; he just gets up and then that causes a bigger battle