Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More coming soon

I am totally stoked about my Journalism kids and their last project of the year. Each of them are creating a blog of their choice and blogging away for the rest of the year. I am excited to see what kinds of things they write about and how they comment. I'll share some of their sites w/ you so you can peek if you're interested in reading about middle schoolers and what's going on in their minds!!!

CBA night is tomorrow night. This is a big production and a public showcase of the students' work focused on a constitutional issue. They give their practice speeches tomorrow in class and I'll provide feedback. Then, tomorrow night's the big event! The kids are working hard and are really nervous. They'll do well!

The yearbooks are in! The kids are excited and we previewed them today. They don't get to have them officially until June 21. They are dying to have them in their hands NOW. :)

Grad school was supposed to pick back up this week, but has been postponed until the 14th. I am not sad about that. It was nice to have a couple of weeks off from the busy-ness that is grad school. The first class is done and I did very well. I have a 4.0! I do not necessarily intend to keep up that perfect GPA forever, but the first class I had to. The next class seems short and sweet, with short readings, so that is nice.

Life is busy and there have been some pleasant, unexpected turns, and some others that were not as pleasant. Tonight I found out one of my old high school friends was severely wounded in Afghanistan. Really sad. They seem to think he is going to be alright but it's really a waiting game right now. Professionally, I have decided to take some risks lately and we'll see what happens. There are lots of interesting opportunities coming up at work and lots of trainings this summer...many of which I am interested in but can't do everything. We'll see...

The kids are fighting bedtime like crazy, particularly Brynn. It has been a STRUGGLE for weeks now. Ugh. Ever since it has been "light" out at night, she just can't get to sleep . Then she wakes up early, tired, and grumpy. It's a vicious cycle. I am sure we just need to tell the daycare to shorten her naps at school but she is a crazy grumpy person when she is forced to wake up vs. waking up on her own. Will I ever win this battle? I blame her father for this issue and her ability to lose sleep often and not totally crash and burn. Why couldn't she be a sleep lover like her momma?

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Tyler-Ashlee's Mommy said...

Sorry to hear about your friend :(

We are in the same boat at bedtime. It's like I have a teenager already EVERY SINGLE MORNING!