Thursday, June 10, 2010

Miss Mommy

This little girl loves her dolls. I saw this on kidsteals the other day and have been looking for a mini doll baby "bjorn" for a long time and to no avail. Then we saw this and it was a good "steal" so I ordered it. I have not ordered much from there in a long time (I have resisted the urge! LOL) and so it was fun to see her get all excited when we opened the package. I must say I was not a huge fan of the fabric choice by the company who designed this, but, it doesn't matter to a 3-year-old. She loved carrying baby Addy around in it yesterday. After pulling all of the straps as tight as they would go (which still wasn't enough) and using a "chip clip" to secure it over her shoulders, we were good to go. She wants to wear it and take her baby/twin Kia in it when we go back to Iowa. :) cute!

BTW: The capris she is wearing in this pic are from last summer and still fit and actually are still too big in the waist. They are size 24 months.

And, she will be in the annual Parade of Nations show again this year wearing the same red Chinese dress for the 3rd year in a row. Princess Peanut indeed.

This little lady starts her 2nd year of swim lessons this year (poor Baylen will have to wait until we get to Iowa, as they are too expensive to have both kids in here) and a dance recital coming up at the end of June and it's going to be adorable. We can't wait and neither can she. :)

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Briana said...

Olive's sitter bought her the exact carrier (different pattern though) for her birthday. She loves it!

I hear you on the girls being tiny. Miss Olive is wearing a few shorts that are 6-9 months this summer. Crazy! Most are 12-18 months.