Monday, June 14, 2010

Still Riding the Potty Train

Yes!! Mister Mister is still riding the Potty Train at full speed! Today he peed at school 5 times! WOOT! I take no responsibility for this change. He is doing this along w/ his teachers at school. Thank you, KATHY!

Can I get him FULLY trained by the end of the summer? Let's keep our fingers crossed. He's a Pee Master at this point! It happened overnight. Both his father and I are still in shock. I was planning to give up until he turned 6. LOL If we can get him trained, we will have so much money to spend I can't even tell you. Those pull-ups are freaking expensivo!!!


Anonymous said...

Great Job Baylen!! I hope we can keep you on the potty train when you come to Iowa!! Love, Gma Cindy

Tyler-Ashlee's Mommy said...

We're thinking Tyler will be 6 before he goes potty FT on the potty. He pees now, but then just gave up. Sigh.