Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Brynnisms #17

She said some funny things the other night while hanging out with Tami and Brian.

Brynn: Tami, was it spicy out today? ( as she was looking up to the sky)
Tami clarified by asking her if she meant spicy like hot out and she said she did ...haha

Brynn: When I was a little baby baylen used to feed me a bottle.
Tami: Oh he did?
Brynn: Yep.
Tami: Well, that must have been pretty funny Brynn.
Brynn: Yea, it was.

Brynn: Tami, I love the tator toy swing (as she was swinging on the teeter totter swing.)

And yesterday as we were driving home and pulling into the complex she randomly states,

BEE: Mom it's an awesome, sunny day to have a picnic!

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