Saturday, August 14, 2010

Party like it's 1987

A long-time friend of mine, Rachel, celebrated her 30th birthday 1980's style last night. Another one of my good long-time friends, Krissy, came back from MT (along w/ her cool sis) to help welcome Rach to Club 30. Since the theme was 80's, we had to make sure we were in on the fun. This was special, obviously because it's her 30th birthday--a new decade of life. But for Rachel, this party had multiple meanings. About 4 months ago, she discovered some lumps around her thyroid in her throat. She went to the doctor to have them checked out and doc. said it was time to do a biopsy. After the results came back, it was clear Rach needed to have surgery to have part of her thyroid either removed or to allow the doctor to get a closer look. Once the surgery took place, he discovered she had several lymphnodes that did not look good so he removed several from each side, along with part of her thyroid. After testing the lymph nodes, Rachel was informed that she had cancer. She had to have a pretty powerful dosage of radiation, as well as follow some strict guidelines before, during and after this treatment. The good news is, she was recently informed that she is having the best possible outcome and that it looks like the treatment killed the cancer! :) So, as I said, this was a BIG reason to celebrate.

The party was really fun and we had a great time catching up. Another good friend, Mandy, helped plan a lot of the party and had a really cool outfit for Rachel to wear. I love these girls so much. Happy 30th, Rachel. :)


Megan said...

Sounds like a great party and an even better reason to celebrate!! Glad you had a great time!

Bekah said...

What a great reason to have a party! Glad that the cancer was treated/killed.