Thursday, August 26, 2010

This kid keeps us on our toes...

This child never ceases to amaze me in the ornery department. I get to school to pick the kids up yesterday (they started back to school on Monday) and two teachers are getting ready to leave as I walk in and they are just laughing and Kathy says to me, "You gotta talk to Miss Toni about your son today!" and left it at that. I figured he must have done something naughty to her b/c the day before he slapped her on the rear and said, "I'm back!!!" nice, huh?!

So anyway, I guess Baylen was walking around yesterday morning with a $1 and a $20 bill. Toni was able to get the dollar but by the time she was done with the poop issues from several kids at once, the $20 was missing. She explained that she saw him walking around the room w/ them and had pulled them out of his own pocket. She did see it from afar and asked him where he got the money and his response, "Momma's purse." I don't carry cash hardly ever, so I knew it wasn't mine. After hearing the story, I kept asking Baylen where his "other dollar" was, hoping he'd remember. He kept walking around pointing into bins and we'd look and then...nothing. Finally, I asked him one more time and he said, "I think it's lost, mom!" LOl It was funny but not. Losing $1 would have been easier to accept! :) So, we left.

Today I show up to drop off the kids and Miss Toni found the money behind a poster! I can't even believe she thought to look there, but she sure did find it. I need to bring her something good for finding it!

This child is full of surprises, I tell ya!


Megan said...

LOL! I'm still giggling about Baylen slapping his teacher on the rear! What a goof ball! He is a riot! I wish we lived closer so I could see that kid more often! Little boys are so funny! :)

Tyler-Ashlee's Mommy said...

I'm still laughing about the butt slap too. HAHAHA!! Gotta love boys