Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wow's of the Day

I just returned from the mall after purchasing size 4T jeans for my 2 1/2 year old son. Wow.

Brynn still wears a size 3T in jeans. Wow.

We heard 2 sonic booms today after someone flew in restricted airspace while Obama was here, helping campaign. I thought someone blew up a bomb. Not cool. Wow.

I am putting together party favors for my daughters FOURTH birthday. Wow.

I finished all of my readings, practice quizzes and videos on day ONE of my class for the week. This has never happened. Wow.

The assignment for this week is really short. First time ever. I love this professor. I wonder if it's b/c she thinks we're all starting school this week. This means that the worst one will probably come on my first week of school. Shit. Wow.

I finally had enough courage to open the flash drive my teaching partner (at my new school) gave to me on the last day of school last year...it contains tons of stuff: power points, units, lesson plans, etc. It seems way more reasonable than I was thinking. At least from a distance it doesn't seem so scary. I can do this. :) Wow.

I still don't know shit about airplanes or aerospace. I need to get on this...somehow. Wow.

I met w/ the ASB President today for coffee at Panera and we have SO much to do this year, it's unbelievable. This ASB is active. very active. But in a good way. They are so motivated and excited. I am too. Wow.

I just realized I am not a middle school teacher anymore. I'm kinda sad about losing that title. It was a good gig. WAS is the key word. Wow.

I learned this week that my feelings of guilt for leaving my beloved middle school have slowly dissipated. I am not really sad or feeling that guilty anymore. And I'm okay with that. Wow.

I keep wondering where this 5 pounds I've gained has come from. I don't like it. I am now on a mission to get it off and return to my pre-summer size. I ran two miles (at least) outside tonight and have worked out the last 5 out of 7 days w/ a DVD and I'm eating salad the rest of the week for lunch. I'm on a roll. I am hoping school starting up will help get me back on track too. Wow.

Baylen peed AND pooped in the potty tonight. This is the first time he's really pooped in the potty! He must really want that big ambulance that's sitting up on the mantel. It's a good bribe. This is a big WOW.

School is almost here already. Where did my summer go? Wow.

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