Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

Although I talk about you all of the time and I like you a lot, when I see you in public, I change my mind and I prefer to avoid you. I won't look you in the eye and you'll be lucky if I give you a high five. I definitely WILL NOT sit on your lap, even though I say I will at home. When we went to see you at the mall last weekend, I would not sit anywhere near you or even stand by you. However, I saw a cool rocking horse, so I rode on that near you and pretended I didn't notice you were sitting next to me while we had our picture taken. I really liked that horse.

I would like Cars cars...anything and everything "Lie-king MahhQueen" would be great. KahCHOW! :) Oh, and I really want a monster truck remote control car and a Spider Man.

I will leave you some cookies and try not to eat them myself. I did sample some of your milk though, on Friday night. It was good. I know that you know I've had my ups and downs this year, but I try hard to behave...I like to be funny, and I have a good heart, and that will never change.




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Samantha said...

I love 'lie-king mahhqueen'! we asked for 'lie-ming ma-ning... I wonder if they are related? :)