Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Elf on a Shelf

The last couple of years, I have debated buying this item. After spending the month of November trying to convince my children that Santa was watching their every move and failing miserably, I decided it was necessary to purchase our own Elf on a Shelf. The kids decided to name him...Spritz! Despite the fact that Brynn wanted to name him Sprinkles, we felt that Spritz we more elf-like and less gender-specific. Spritz has been working wonders in our house since he arrived. Even though the kids saw me pull him out of a sack and knew I bought him from a store, they still think he's magical. Good! haha


Tyler-Ashlee's Mommy said...

It's amazing isn't it? Tyler likes this Elf more than us somedays. Ours is Elf Tyler.

chrissyrudd said...

hmmm, may have to try that!