Saturday, February 12, 2011

Baylenisms #6

Turning three soon means this Mister Mister has turned into a sophisticated motormouth. The boy talks non-stop. When he isn't exhibiting his ornery-ness, Mister is humoring us with all of his wisdom and insight.

Baylen's account of his evening spent with Daddy while I was at the high school V-Day Party:

Him: Mommy! We watched the Minions last night. It was funny. And we ate a ice cream drink. Yeah and it didn't melt. It was chocolate.

Me: Was it a malt?

Him: wasn't. It doesn't MELT!

Me: Oh..was it a shake?

Him: Yeah a shake. with cream.

Baylen's scientific thinking skills hard at work (while he's sitting in his car seat waiting to go to school):

Mister has his Optimus Prime Transformer in hand and it has a laser that lights up when he touches a button...laser is lit

Him: Mommy, I'm going to wahrm up your car with my transfohrmah :)

Me: Thanks, dude!

Baylen carrying around two stuffed tigers...

"These are my suitcases."

Baylen explaining to me which book he wanted to read tonight:

Him: Mommy I wanna read that mouse book...with the little mouse and big mouse and little mouse says 'Can I sleep in your bed?' and Big Mouse says 'NO!' and it's called The Very Noisy Night. So can we read that one?

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