Thursday, February 3, 2011

High School Kids are so funny

Seriously, these guys make me laugh every day but also make me SMH (shake my head). The girls are super mature and try hard and are so great. The boys...well, ahem...let's just say they are all over the place.

Conversation that took place yesterday...

Student A. walks in with a Nike hooded sweatshirt on. This is violates our dress code because kids are only allowed to wear college sweatshirts.

Me: Hey Student A, you are violating dress code. That's not a college sweatshirt.

Student A: Naw, Ms. Fitz, this is a sweatshirt from Just Do It University!

Kids giggle.

Student B: Hey...I went there! I love that school!

Kids are laughing hysterically.

OH MY GOSH. Seriously?!

Me: AHH TMI (Too much information)! Get out! Go to lunch! :)

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Megan said...

ha ha, that's funny! never a dull moment, i'm sure! :)