Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Brynnisms #22 (With a few Baylenisms too)

This girl has been saying a lot of funny things, as usual.

A couple of days ago, she walked into the living room and said, "This looks like a pig style in here! We need to clean it up!"

(This comes from me; I always say, "This looks like a pig sty in here!")

I've finally returned to working out after a short hiatus and it hasn't been easy this time around. I'll be panting and grimacing while exercising in the living room and Brynn will become all concerned...

"Are you okay mommy? Do you need a drink of water? Get a drink of water, then you'll feel better. You can stop if you want to, it's okay..." :)

(Then today Baylen yells from the corner of the room, "Mom! Just get a drink!" hahahahaha)

This weekend we are taking the kids on a surprise Valentine's Day excursion, so we've been asking them to behave so they can go to the surprise destination...so on the way home, they were asking about it.

Baylen: "Mom, are we going on the surprise now?"

Me: "No, honey, that's on Saturday, not today."

Baylen: "But where is it? Just tell me."

Me: "No, that's why it's a surprise. You aren't supposed to find out yet."

Brynn: "Yeah, Baylen, that's why it is called a surprise because it's a surprise."

Brynn: "Mom, are we going to Chuck E Cheese?"

Me: "Nope."

Baylen: "Are we going to see Hailey and Cade and Tyler?"

Me: "No...it's something we can DO a place we can go together."

Brynn: *light bulb moment* "Are we going to the Jungle Gym?"

Me: "Nope, good guess, though."

Brynn: *another light bulb moment* "I know, we're going to the Y!"

Me: "No...good guess!"

Baylen: "Just tell us. Where is it? Can you just tell me, momma?"

Brynn: "Yeah mom, we're never going to guess this!"