Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Watch out, ladies...Ken has entered the building!

In a house FULL of Barbies (mostly Disney princesses), Ken has finally arrived! Thanks to some Valentine's Day money from Great Grandma Jacquie, Brynn was able to purchase a Barbie and Ken doll set (for only $5!) at Target last weekend. She was giggling and giggling the entire time she held the doll box in her hands and when we opened him at home, she grabbed him out of my hands as soon as she could and ran to find the rest of her dolls. Ken has received a lot of action in his new home, and has danced with many women in big ball gowns, including one in a swimsuit. It appears he is in love with Cinderella and is not a fan of Rapunzel. :) I think Ken is content in his new home.

Bee asked if the Easter Bunny could bring Ken some new clothes. LOL