Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm a worry-ier and this time, for good reason

Like any rational mother, I worry. I try not to worry more than the average person, but it tends to be in my genes. While I know I don't worry as much as my own mother (at this current time), I can't promise that I won't reach that stage at some point in my life. But today, I worry more than normal. Today, I have to face something that all mothers fear--their children could be sick or something serious could be wrong with them. How we didn't notice this before, I have no idea, but today was the day it became public. This morning, Dj came in and asked me what was wrong with Brynn's shoulder/neck area. I felt it several times and of course, every possibility began flooding my mind. It was a lump. It was a lymph node. It was hard...a cyst? It felt boney, though...did she break a bone? It didn't move. It stuck out. What IS it?

I called the doctor and the fit us in to see Dr. D. around 3:45. He examined her lump for several minutes and felt different parts of her neck, her right shoulder, her lump again and made some comments. He suggested we go see the E-N-T doctor nearby and went to make the call so we could drive over and see him right then and there, only to find out our insurance company no longer covers many surgeons in the H. Medical group. He did talk to Dr. G., though, regarding a possible diagnosis. He mentioned that it definitely felt "boney" or that it was a calcium deposit or a growth off of her bone. He had never seen this before, so he was definitely intrigued. He referred to it as a bone mass and mentioned that Dr. G. (the ENT doctor) said it COULD be a "rib-like" growth that can occur in some people near their neck or shoulder area and it's not anything to worry about. Of course, he can't see it in person, so couldn't say for sure.

With that, Dr. D. decided it was important that we know exactly what it is and if it is something we should be concerned about. He referred us to Children's Hospital downtown, and there, he said, they will conduct some tests and an X-ray for sure. She has not ever complained of pain in that area, and we've never noticed the lump before. You can see in the pics that it's definitely there. I just wonder how long she's actually had it. What concerns me is that we have just noticed it and if it has grown in size or not and we have just happened to miss it. Regardless, I know Children's is a wonderful place and I pray that this is just "extra" bone and nothing we have to worry about. I don't like this feeling of not knowing and helplessness. It's not my cup of tea.

In the two pics below, you should be able to see the lump. It is on the left side just above her clavicle bone.


Tyler-Ashlee's Mommy said...

I understand you being stressed out and worried!! I have several of those "lumps" on my body - one big one on my leg (plus several more) and a huge one on my wrist that everyone asks me about. They are all perfectly fine and nothing to worry about...but it does help to get the answers you need. I have faith (and will pray) that Brynn's is just like mine, sort of like a calcium build up. I have asked to have mine removed but insurance doesn't cover it because since it's not anything to worry about, surgery is considered "cosmetic," which is totally stupid!


Anonymous said...

I have had the exact(im assuming by the looks of it) same lump, in the exact same spot now for about 2 months and it has grown. I have my doc appt tomorrow am. Im very freaked out about it mostly because you assume the worst. I have 2 small children and couldnt imagine leaving them soo soon. Im praying for the both of us!